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Half Past Yellow

Time on Frog Island trailer

Merge Games and Half Past Yellow are celebrating the launch of Time on Frog Island with a new trailer. Switch owners can now get their hands on the sandbox puzzle and platforming adventure title.

Here’s some information about the game:

Time on Frog Island release date

Time on Frog Island has received a final release date on Switch. It will be available on July 12, publisher Merge Games and developer Half Past Yellow announced today.

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Nintendo Everything recently had the chance to speak with Max Wrighton, director and studio co-lead at Half Past Yellow, about the upcoming game Time on Frog Island. We touched on a variety of topics, including the art style, gameplay, Switch version, and more.

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time on frog island gameplay

Time on Frog Island has a couple of months to go until its debut, but we have a new look at the gameplay straight from the Switch version. Fans can watch just under an hour of footage.

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It seems with every passing year we get more and more creative minds in the indie space expanding certain genres and what it means to perceive gameplay within them. One of the more popular areas of growth and reach we’ve seen in recent memory is through the guise of simulators – whether they may be farming sims, life sims, etc. – and how their flexibility can create such a creative playground for forward-thinking ideas that make for cathartic, memorable, and almost addictive experiences. Time on Frog Island, formerly known as Trading Time: A Croak Tale, is next up in a slew of releases in an ever-growing genre that seems to push ideas and the concept of sims forward with each new title – however inspired they may be by the giants of the genre – and it’s a pleasure to have had an early look at the game on Switch to see just where the minds at Half Past Yellow lie and how they’re making their version of what it means to be stranded on an island and having to start from scratch.

Publisher Merge Games and developer Half Past Yellow have just put out a new trailer for Time on Frog Island. The game, which used to be known as Trading Time, is a sandbox adventure game in which you explore a frog-filled island paradise.

Here’s some more information about Time on Frog Island:

Time on Frog Island

Time on Frog Island, previously known as Trading Time, has been announced for a summer release on Switch.

Trading Time was announced for Switch last August. As for the name change, “Merge Games made the decision to change the name to Time on Frog Island as they feel it better represents the gameplay experience.”

We have more information about Time on Frog Island in the overview below:

Trading Time Switch

Publisher Merge Games and developer Half Past Yellow today announced Trading Time for Switch. Players are cast away on an island paradise (complete with a cast of friendly frogs) where they can enjoy sandbox island life and explore at their own pace, solving situations for your new friends, and trading your way to fixing your ship.

Here’s some additional information:

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