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Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios has put out a new behind the scenes dev insight video for its multiplayer shooter Rogue Company. View the video below.

During a Nintendo Direct in September, Hi-Rez Studios announced Rogue Company for Switch. The multiplayer shooter is on track for a 2020 release. Over on Twitter, creative director Scott Lussier shared a couple of new tidbits.

Cross-play and cross-progression will both be supported in Rogue Company at launch. That means users across all platforms can join up online together and progress will be carried over no matter where you play.

Additionally, Rogue Company will run at 60 frames per second. That’s similar to both Smite and Paladins, which are already available on Switch.


Paladins already supported cross-play on Switch previously, but now the feature has been further enhanced. Starting today, Switch and PlayStation 4 users can finally play together with the Pirate’s Treasure Update. It is expected to roll out to Hi-Rez Studios’ other titles in the future.

Below are the full details:

Hi-Rez Studios has shared a fact sheet for its new Switch game Rogue Company. Learn more about the game by reading up on it below.

Hi-Rez Studios has announced Rogue Company, a new multiplayer online shooter. It will arrive sometime in 2020.

Realm Royale made it to Switch last month. However, the only way to access the game was by purchasing the “Founder’s Pack”. While it has goodies like an exclusive mount, chicken skin, and spray, Realm Royale is mainly known for its free-to-play nature.

About a month later, that option is now available to everyone. The Founder’s Pack still exists, but a separate listing has been added to the eShop for the free-to-play version. That should open the floodgates for more Switch owners to try out the Battle Royale title.

Thanks to Marcio S for the tip.

Source: Switch eShop

With the new Founder’s Pack, Realm Royale has debuted on Switch via the eShop. Have a look at some footage in the video below.

Following several datamines and leaks, Realm Royale has made its way to Switch. A “Founder’s Pack” is out now on the eShop for $14.99, with a free-to-play version following later on.

The Founder’s Pack includes:

Following several leaks, Realm Royale has finally been confirmed for Switch. How it was confirmed is a bit of an oddity.

A trailer for Realm Royale popped up on Nintendo Portugal’s YouTube channel today. Despite the video stating that it can be played now with a Founder’s Pack, that doesn’t actually appear to be the case. Regardless, Realm Royale is coming to Switch very soon.

Here’s the trailer in question:

At this point, it’s practically a certainty that Realm Royale will end up on Switch in the future. The game has been datamined over the past few months that has led to the discovery of references to Nintendo’s console.

Datamining has taken place once again, and even more Switch-related evidence has been discovered. This time around, fans have found an exclusive Switch Founder’s Pack. It will include a new mount skin, a chicken skin, and more.