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Shin Chan: The Storm Called The Kasukabe Boys Film Star is heading to the 3DS, according to the latest issue of Famitsu. In it, players shoot famous scenes from 21 different Shin Chan films.

Shin Chan: The Storm Called The Kasukabe Boys Film Star contains action RPG gameplay. Those who purchase a first print copy will receive access to the 1993 Super Famicom game Shin Chan: The Storm Called Kindergarten as DLC.


Spike Chunsoft has confirmed DLC for Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind. Players will be able to obtain an additional story for Levi, and it will be free for a limited time.

If you clear the game with Levi, you can use him in the multiplayer World Mode. It’s also possible to acquire and use his special weapons.


This week’s Famitsu review scores are as follows:

Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) – 9/10/9/10
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3/360) – 10/10/8/9
Shin Atelier Rorona: Hajimari no Monogatari ~ The Alchemist of Arland ~ (PS3/PSV) – 9/9/8/8
Taiko no Tatsujin: Wii U (Wii U) – 9/8/7/8
Cooking Mama 5 (3DS) – 9/8/8/7
One Piece: Unlimited World Red (3DS) – 8/8/8/8
Snow Bound Land (PSP) – 8/8/8/7
Hanasaku Manimani (PS3/PSP) – 8/8/7/7
Aikatsu! Futari no My Princess (3DS) – 8/8/7/6

Jupiter is about to release yet another Picross title on the 3DS eShop. Picross e4 is due out next week in Japan for 500 yen. It’ll mainly offer the same kind of experience as the other Picross e titles, though e4 will include 20×15 grids.

You can find the official Picros e4 page here.

Monster Hunter 4 has received a new update in Japan. Capcom issued the patch to address issues pertaining to illegal guild quests. By visiting the eShop, players can download the update.


Two new Virtual Console games are on track for the Japanese Wii U eShop next week. Clu Clu Land (Famicom) and Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen (Super Famicom) will be out on November 20. Pricing is set at 500 yen and 800 yen respectively.


Two new games have been confirmed for the Japanese 3DS Virtual Console. Puyo Puyo Tsu (Game Gear) and Chack’n Pop (Famicom) will be out on November 20. Pricing is set at 400 yen and 500 yen respectively.