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Jump Force Deluxe Edition

Jump Force Deluxe Edition has received a day-one update. Version 1.02 is live, which features a couple of additions, improvements, and adjustments.

Below are the full patch notes:

Jump Force Deluxe Edition is out today on Switch. For a look at how the game runs on Nintendo’s console, check out the video below.

Those that are interested in Jump Force Deluxe Edition can pick up the game physically or digitally.

Bandai Namco has released a launch trailer for Jump Force Deluxe Edition, which highlights the Switch launch. Check out the video below.

Jump Force Deluxe Edition is slated for August 28 on Switch.

Bandai Namco has released a gameplay video for Jump Force Deluxe Edition, the upcoming release of its crossover fighting title. Watch it below.

Jump Force Deluxe Edition is due out for Switch in Japan on August 27, followed by North America and Europe on August 28.

Bandai Namco has passed along several screenshots from Jump Force Deluxe Edition. For the latest look at the game, check out the gallery below.

Jump Force Deluxe Edition is slated for August 28 on Switch.

Bandai Namco has issued the first screenshots of new Jump Force DLC character Meruem. Have a look at the images below.

Jump Force launches for Switch on August 28 as a “Deluxe Edition”. Meruem will be made available on Nintendo’s console in 2021.

Bandai Namco today issued the first commercial for Jump Force Deluxe Edition. Get a look at the debut advert below.

Jump Force Deluxe Edition launches for Switch in Japan on August 27, and August 28 everywhere else.

Update: As expected, Jump Force Deluxe Edition launches in the west during that same week. It’ll be on August 28 in North America and Europe.

Jump Force Deluxe Edition will launch in Japan and Asia on August 27, Bandai Namco has announced. North America and Europe should also have the Switch game during the last week of the month, though we should be getting the official confirmation on that soon.

As an early purchase bonus, players will receive Frieza’s small pod that they can ride in the online lobby, three in-game avatar suits (tops) from One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Naruto, and an item set.

Bandai Namco has shared the following overview for Jump Force Deluxe Edition:

Bandai Namco recently announced Jump Force Deluxe Edition for Switch. The crossover game, featuring tons of characters from various anime and manga, will be released on Nintendo’s console.

Retailer listings have provided the official boxart, which we have below. Pre-orders are currently live on Amazon and GameStop.

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