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Kazumasa Iwao

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are the next true entries in the franchise. This is also the latest generation and the first new one on a console. Given those aspects, it makes sense that Game Freak re-examined all aspects of gameplay while developing Pokemon Sword/Shield.

Planning director Kazumasa Iwao spoke with Game Informer in the magazine’s latest issue as to how Game Freak approaches keeping the experience fresh, stating:

The official Pokemon site published a new interview with Kazumasa Iwao and Shigeru Ohmori from Game Freak today. The two developers had plenty to say about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Topics included the creation of Team Rainbow Rocket, designing Ultra Beasts, and more.

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A recent issue of Famitsu had a pretty big interview for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Director Kazumasa Iwao and producer Shigeru Ohmori were present to talk about the big games coming to 3DS this month.

Kazumasa and Ohmori went in-depth about development, new features, and more. There was even some reflection about last year’s Sun/Moon, such as the increase in difficulty for Lana’s Trial.

You can read our full interview summary below.

3DS is getting two more Pokemon games next month in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. However, they aren’t entirely new. Both build upon last year’s original Pokemon Sun/Moon. Game Freak has decided to introduce another pair of Sun/Moon titles, following a similar approach to Black 2/White 2 rather than something like Pokemon Crystal or Pokemon Platinum in which a single follow-up game was introduced.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon director Kazumasa Iwao spoke with GameSpot about the idea behind these latest games and why making two versions made sense. Here’s what he shared on the subject:

Nintendo recently played the Guessing Game with a couple of developers working on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Producer Shigeru Ohmori and director Kazumasa Iwao were the participants. See the full video below.


Game Freak shared a new aspect of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon in an interview with Eurogamer Portugal. We have a bit of news about Mantine Surf.

Director Kazumasa Iwao stated that points earned from Mantine Surf can be used to get items and have Move Tutors teach your Pokemon moves that they couldn’t learn in last year’s games. It’s similar to other enhanced versions, sequels, and remakes of Pokemon games. However, it’s not yet known if points can be obtained through other methods or if the points are Battle Points.


The Verge is among the sites to have shared some comments from Game Freak about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Director Kazumasa Iwao was interviewed, who spoke about how the team really focused on the user interface. He also discussed how Game Freak wanted to improve what was possible from last year’s titles while also surprising players.

Iwao said: