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Magikarp Jump

Three Nintendo-related mobile titles have been nominated for Google Play’s Best of 2017 award in Japan. 17 other games have been nominated as well. The lineup of eligible titles were chosen based on several factors, including the number of installations and user reviews.

Fans can vote for their favorite here. The “Top 5” will be announced on December 1. Then on December 4, the “Playtime Best” will be announced.

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A small update has gone out for Magikarp Jump. If you’ve downloaded the app, 1.3.2 is now available. No new features have been added – it’s just bug fixes this time around.

The newest update for Magikarp Jump is now live, the update contains the final league for players to challenge. New random events, friendship items and decorations are also now in the store for purchase.

Update (7/20): The same patch made available on Android is now live on iOS.

Original (7/7): Another Magikarp Jump update is now live for players. The update is listed to have minor bug fixes on the app store, so not too much information listed outright as usual.


A new Magikarp Jump update is available and just like the previous updates it is labeled to fix bugs. This particular update makes it so players can no longer abuse the Extra League 3 glitch where the player could obtain the rewards from the league multiple times instead of just once.

Magikarp Jump is now out in Japan, and as such, a release trailer for the game has been published, which gives a brief overview of its gameplay and features. Check it out:

As we reported yesterday, Magikarp Jump is now available on the Japanese Google Play and iOS stores. However, what’s noteworthy is that this release came with a new patch for the game, which brings it to version 1.0.1. This version includes language support for English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese. If you can access the Japanese web stores, you can now play the game in the language of your choosing. Even if you can’t do that though, it shouldn’t be too much longer until the game is properly released in more countries.


The release of Magikarp Jump, the latest Pokemon mobile spin-off, has been weird, to say the least. After its initial reveal, there had been near-total radio silence on the game – until the game was suddenly released last week, but only on Italian mobile storefronts, for some reason. It seems like the game’s international roll-out is now slowly picking up steam. The game will be released on Japanese Google Play and iOS stores tomorrow, May 23rd. Releases in other countries haven’t been confirmed yet, though it likely won’t be too much longer until the game is out in most major countries.


Earlier this year, we heard about a new game for mobile under the title Splash! Magikarp. The game is now starting to launch, as it’s been spotted on iOS for Italian users. An official page is located here.

Here’s a rough translation of the game’s overview: