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Miitomo’s success in terms of downloads has been well documented at this point. However, when it comes to its staying power, the app has been on a decline. That might have been at least somewhat expected, but SurveyMonkey has taken a deeper look at the situation.

SurveyMonkey compared Miitomo to Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Clash Royale, two titles from giant mobile developers King and Supercell respectively. Miitomo stacks up favorably when it came to download performance, but the app “struggled to keep users interested.”

SurveyMonkey writes in its report:

In Miitomo’s case, this lower-than-peers engagement translates into higher churn. The game’s weekly churn more than 50% means that over half of the users of Miitomo on a given week won’t come back and play it again the following week. For some apps that don’t need frequent use this isnt a problem, but for games like Miitomo that are designed for frequent use, churn at this level foreshadows a quick decline.

Low engagement and high churn cause a steady decline in active users for Miitomo. When comparing to the other games it’s not necessarily the lower peak weekly-active users (WAU) that’s of concern, but the fact that Miitomo drops off much more rapidly. Clash Royale’s lowest value is just 22% from its peak, Candy Crush Jelly’s is 32% from its peak, but Miitomo WAU is 74% lower than its peak value in a much shorter timespan.

What has your experience been like with Miitomo? Are you still using the app? Or are you pretty much done with it at this point?

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Miitomo has managed to reach a new milestone on Android. As stated through the app’s page on the Google Play store, it’s now surpassed 5 million downloads on the platform. It currently sits somewhere between 5 million and 10 million installs.

Miitomo topped 1 million installs at the start of April. It seems that the app is still going strong!


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Over on My Nintendo, the pack of five Miitomo game tickets has been discounted. It’s been reduced from 420 Platinum / Miitomo points to 350.

You can see the offer on My Nintendo right here. It’ll last until June 20.

Some Miitomo users might be curious as to what Nintendo does with the answers they provide. In a statement sent to Kotaku, the company commented directly on how the data is used.

It was explained that answers are merely a way “to provide a better experience for Nintendo consumers and to support the application.” The company added, “Neither Nintendo nor any of its partners sells or shares that answer information for any other purposes.”

Here’s the full statement:

The goal of our Miitomo questions is to spark fun conversations with your friends and for you to discover new facts about them as they answer the questions being posed. That’s why Miitomo generally avoids yes or no questions. As to the answer information our consumers provide through the Miitomo app, it is only used to provide a better experience for Nintendo consumers and to support the application. Neither Nintendo nor any of its partners sells or shares that answer information for any other purposes.



Two separate versions of Miitomo are out now. iOS users can download version 1.2.1 while the app is up to version 1.2.2 on Android.

We reported yesterday that the new email invite feature was resulting in crashes on iOS. After updating, this should no longer be a problem. At this time, we’re not quite sure what version 1.2.2 includes for Android users.

A new Miitomo update went out last night. For those who haven’t heard about it previously, it introduced a few new features such as the ability to add friends by email.

Unfortunately, we’re now hearing that there’s an issue with this functionality for iOS 9.3 / 9.3.1 users. If you send email invites by selecting “Invite” in the “Add friend” screen, Miitomo crashes.

Nintendo has sent out a notification about the situation and is already working on a fix. We’ll let you know when it goes live.


Thanks to Anthony for the tip.

Update: Out now on Android.

The newest version of Miitomo is now available on iOS. I don’t believe it’s up on Android just yet, but it should be shortly. The update weighs in at 59.6 MB.

We touched on this update’s features last week. To recap, here are the official notes from Nintendo:

– Added feature for inviting friends via e-mail, SMS, etc.
– Friend requests and blocking can now be done within comment and heart lists
– When posting Miifotos in the comment list, existing Miifotos can now be edited and posted.
– An “Answer” option has been added to “All answers.”
– Implemented bug fixes and speed optimizations.

Nintendo has sent out a notice to Miitomo users, informing them about an update set to be made available in the near future.

One big addition will be new ways of adding friends. You’ll be able to connect with those you know by email, among other methods.

Nintendo also says the Miitomo update will let users answer the same question as others when looking at “All Answers” while also making it possible to edit a Miifoto before posting it as a comment. Finally, there will be speed optimizations as well.

Miitomo may have only just launched about a month ago, but the app has managed to secure 10 million users since then. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima said during the company’s investors briefing last week that this shows “it has achieved the level we had planned.”

Going forward with Nintendo’s mobile apps, Kimishima noted that they’ll be looking to quickly act upon feedback received to make them better. This is something that will be happening with Miitomo, and by doing so, the amount of daily active users can increase.

Here’s the full question/answer from an investor and Kimishima about mobile:

I’m sure that there were many things with Miitomo that Nintendo expected, as well as many that were unexpected, that provided learning experiences. I would like to hear as much as possible about what was learned from the experience. Nintendo’s value comes from its strong IP, and using that IP comes with the risk that if the IP is not successful, its value will decrease. In that sense, Miitomo and future titles need to get results in the smart device application market. It may still be too early to generalize, but I would like to know how the response to Miitomo has been in comparison with your expectations.

I believe that Miitomo reaching 10 million unique users in the short time since its release shows that it has achieved the level we had planned. At the same time, this system lets us hear the consumers’ opinions. I believe this business requires us to continue to update to respond to these opinions in various ways, so we knew from the beginning that we would not be able to satisfy everyone right away. We believe that it is important to continue to revitalize the applications by quickly implementing feedback from consumers. Only one month has passed since distribution began. Our goals are to act on the feedback we received during this period quickly and increase the amount of consumers who are playing daily.


Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima was hesitant to share stats pertaining to Miitomo during the company’s investors briefing last week. However, he did reveal that the app had “a slightly higher ratio of women at the beginning,” and noted that the revenue impact “is negligible for the fiscal year ended 2016” since it’s just starting out. He expects that in-app revenue is in line with expectations.

Kimishima went on to talk about in-app purchases on mobile as well as Nintendo Accounts (plus My Nintendo). You can read up on his full comments below.

I heard that there are over 10 million Miitomo users worldwide. I would like to know the attributes of those users, the number of DAUs (daily active users), as well as how much Miitomo is contributing to earnings. Have there already been positive effects on existing business from its connection with the Nintendo Account system? For applications to be released in the future, are you going to increase the game element and seek to increase revenue from in-app purchases?

The over 10 million users are very balanced in terms of gender. There was a slightly higher ratio of women at the beginning. We will not be releasing statistical data such as DAU numbers. As you are well aware, all kinds of ranking information exists for smart device applications, so I will refer you to those. If you look at them and estimate the in-app purchase revenue, I think it will not be too far off from reality.

The revenue impact of Miitomo is negligible for the fiscal year ended 2016, as we have only just started. The Miitomo download numbers are growing right now, so I think the in-app purchase revenue is also growing more or less as expected.

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