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Monster Hunter Generations

This month’s free DLC has arrived for Monster Hunter Generations. The items and quests this time are based on popular manga and anime, including Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magi, and Baki the Grappler. As usual, to access the DLC, you’ll have to download it on the menu and then talk to the appropriate NPC. You can watch a video highlighting the DLC below, and the full listings are after the break.

Monster Hunter Generations has received another batch of free DLC ahead of Halloween. Players can now get their hands on the “Trick or Treat” item pack.

The official Monster Hunter Twitter account passed along the news:

Monster Hunter Generations’ DLC contains the following items:

– 10x Psychoserum
– 10x Demondrug
– 10x Poisoned Meat
– 50x Spider Webs


Monster Hunter Generations has received a notable discount on the North American 3DS eShop. Starting today, it’s 30 percent off. You can nab a digital copy for $28 rather than $30.

Monster Hunter Generations can be bought directly on the eShop or Nintendo’s site here. The offer is valid until October 18.

Today is the first Friday in October, meaning that Monster Hunter Generations is offering up more free DLC, this time featuring Fire Emblem, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Mega Man, and more. Players will be able to download the content by choosing the Download option from the game’s main menu, and then talking to the appropriate NPCs. More DLC will release on November 4. The list of DLC is very extensive, so it’s behind a break. There are also images of a lot of the items.

More content can be downloaded in Monster Hunter Generations. Capcom has prepared the Pirate’s Booty Pack, accessible from the DLC menu.

It includes the following:

– Small Goldenfish x20
– Gunpowder x20
– Pitfall Trap x20
– Slickaxe x20

The Pirate’s Booty Pack is absolutely free, so if you have a chance, there’s no harm in grabbing it!


Monster Hunter Generations had a fairly big presence at Gamescom 2016 last month, and Capcom’s community manager stopped by to check in on the fun. Get a look at the video below.

It’s the first Friday of the month, which means a new round of free DLC for Monster Hunter Generations. To download the content, you’ll have to choose the Download option from the game’s main menu, and then talk to the appropriate NPCs. Items for September include Star Fox, Strider Hiryu, pirate themed, and Legend of Zelda outfits, as well as items, Palicoes, and guild cards based on Phoenix Wright. You can check the whole list out after the break, including some artwork of the content.

Another round of downloadable content is now available in Monster Hunter Generations. Players can download the Competitive Edge Pack at no extra cost.

A few items are included in the DLC. They are as follows:

– Mega Dash Juice x30
– Mega Nutrients x15
– Hunter’s Drink x30


Towards the end of last week, Nintendo UK posted a Monster Hunter Generations video about what newcomers to the series like about the game. The company has now followed up with a video from fans. Check it out below.

Capcom issued the first monthly DLC for Monster Hunter Generations last week. Players can obtain new content based on Zelda: The Wind Waker, Okami, and much more. Head past the break to see some of the DLC in action.