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Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter X will be getting some Street Fighter felyne costumes, at least in Japan. The costumes, dressing felynes up as Chun-Li and Blanka, will be distributed through June 30th at 7-spots. A regular distribution is expected in the future, and it is unknown if the western release, Monster Hunter Generations, will get these costumes. These costumes are returning features from Monster Hunter 4G.


Capcom is just now starting its fourth live stream for Monster Hunter Generations. Head past the break for the Twitch embed.

Capcom is still continuing its promotional efforts in Japan for Monster Hunter Generations. Below you’ll find another commercial for the title.

Capcom is back once again with another live stream for Monster Hunter Generations. Since it’s auto-playing on Twitch, we’re posting it after the break.

Monster Hunter Generations is receiving a collaboration with Okami, Capcom has revealed. Players will be able to dress their Felyne in a costume based on Amaterasu. Check out a trailer for today’s announcement below.

Update: Added in the archive.

Capcom is just now kicking off another live stream for Monster Hunter Generations. Since it’s auto-playing on Twitch, we’ve embedded the stream after the break.

According to a listing on Nintendo’s European website, Monster Hunter Generations takes up 12,534 blocks. That amounts to 1.56GB.

We’re expecting this size to translate similarly in North America. It may differ slightly (the Japanese version was 12,199 blocks / 1.49GB), but it should be right around 1.5GB.


GameSpot has posted another couple of videos with gameplay from Monster Hunter Generations. Both can be found below.

Polygon and IGN have both put up videos with gameplay from Monster Hunter Generations. We’ve attached them below.

Capcom has issued a new Monster Hunter Generations trailer to highlight the gameplay mechanics known as Styles and Hunter Arts. Both of these “allow for an even more visually striking and personalized playstyle than ever before,” the company says.

Here’s a rundown of Styles from Capcom:

Each hunting Style opens up different ways to tactically take on foes. Each Style also allows access to different Hunter Arts, indispensable combat skills and power-ups that can be unleashed with the tap of a button when charged, making it easy to execute these special moves.

  • Aerial Style – Adds a new jumping ability which allows players to attack from above, opening up more opportunities to mount a monster and potentially knock it down.
  • Guild Style – Classic gameplay for all 14 weapons and will feel familiar to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate players.
  • Adept Style – Rewards players for learning enemy behaviors and performing a counterattack, giving players more tactical dodging and blocking options based on the current weapon type in use.
  • Striker Style – A versatile powerhouse that revolves around building up and unleashing incredibly advantageous Hunter Arts.

View the new Monster Hunter Generations trailer below. The game will make its first public playable debut in the west at PAX East next weekend.

Source: Capcom PR