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The official Nintendo¬†mini-site for 1001 Spikes was recently updated, dating the game ‘s Wii U release for June 3. Publisher and developer Nicalis Inc. are yet to release an official announcement regarding the date, but this means we could potentially have the game very soon.

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Grinsia will launch on the North American 3DS eShop in a couple of weeks, according to a listing on Nintendo’s website. An official page has the game pegged for a May 8 release. Nicalis just confirmed this week that Grinsia had been approved by Nintendo of America, so an early May launch certainly makes sense.


Grinsia has been approved by Nintendo of America, publisher Nicalis has confirmed.

The company wrote on Twitter just a short while ago:

Grinsia was first confirmed for the 3DS eShop in August of last year. Hopefully Nintendo of America’s approval indicates that a release is just on the horizon!


The 3DS eShop version of Cave Story originally landed in North America back in October 2012. It never made its way to Europe, but that will finally be changing next month.

Nicalis has confirmed on Twitter that Cave Story will launch on the European 3DS eShop on May 1.

The tweet in full is as follows:


Nicalis isn’t done trying to bring The Binding of Isaac to Nintendo platforms. Founder Tyrone Rodriguez, writing on Twitter, said yesterday that he still hasn’t “given up on” finding a way to make a version happen for the big N’s systems (presumably 3DS at the very least).

Rodriguez’s tweet in full:

One of the main obstacles preventing a release of The Binding of Isaac on Nintendo platforms is the game’s religious aspects. Nintendo won’t approve it due to this content.


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