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Pokemon Sun

Pokemon Sun/Moon has received its latest news update. Today, we’re able to see quite a bit that’s new. We’re able to get a look at new Pokemon (including Jangmo-o and Raticate Alola Form), Ultra Beats (UB-01), Aether Foundation, and more.

Watch two new Pokemon Sun/Moon trailers below. There’s one in English, and another in Japanese.

The Japanese Pokemon website has been updated with a few more screenshots from Sun/Moon. We’ve rounded them up below.

More Pokemon Sun/Moon news is coming soon – look out for an update on Tuesday.


A few hours ago, a Pokemon Sun/Moon soundtrack was announced for Japan. We now have word from The Pokemon Company that the same item will be coming to iTunes in November.

The Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon: Super Music Collection contains all 175 tracks from the two games. Each song has enhanced sound quality.

Songs can either be bought for $0.99 each or $9.99 for the entire album.


Over in Korea, a Pokemon Sun/Moon demo rating has popped up. The listing is specifically called “Pokemon Sun & Moon Special Trial Version”.

As far as when the demo is launching, that’s not yet known at the time. It’s also unclear if it’ll be a global release.


Japanese publication V-Jump stealthily released some new gameplay footage of Pokemon Sun & Moon today. However, it doesn’t show any new Pokemon or battles – instead, it shows a way to earn some money on Alola. The footage shows the male trainer undertaking a part-time job at a beach tossing some stranded Pyukumuku back into the ocean. Pyukumuku, a recently revealed new Pokemon, are slippery, slimy creatures that won’t budge from a spot they’ve taken a liking to, not even to hunt for food. To prevent them from starving, the people of Alola toss them back into the sea.

The gameplay footage shows exactly that – the trainer walks around the beach and interacts with the stranded Pyukumuku, clearing the beach of them. This turns out to be pretty lucrative – the trainer is rewarded with a whopping 20,000 Pokedollars at the end, which is quite a lot, especially early on in the adventure. If this part-time job is repeatable, this could turn out to be a pretty nice way to farm money.

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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were featured at Gamescom this past week. Battle director Shigeki Morimoto stopped by to show off more of Battle Royal, and we also got a first look at the new Pokemon Turtonator.

To start off the segment, Morimoto said he was indeed the one who included Mew in Pokemon Red/Green. Despite not actually being obtainable at the time, he added it because it might be used in some way further down the line. When asked about his favorite Pokemon, he naturally went with Mew.

Morimoto was also asked which new Pokemon is the most interesting to him and the one would he like in his team. His response? Alola Exeggcutor is his favorite. Morimoto used it before and is looking forward to using it again in its new form.

A new Pokemon Sun/Moon trailer has just come online revealed even more Pokemon for the two games. Along with Crabrawler who we heard about moments ago, the new video shows Sandygast, Palossand, and Stufful.

Here’s the trailer:

Art and details for all of today’s new Pokemon can be found below.

Turtonator was revealed as a new Pokemon in Sun/Moon at Gamescom 2016 yesterday. With the 2016 Pokemon World Championships kicking off today, we now have a look at yet another creature: Crabrawler.

The Pokemon Company has shared the following about Crabrawler:

Crabrawler has a personality that really hates to lose, and it’s driven not only to aim for a higher position than its fellows in terms of social standing, but literally to aim for a higher position in the landscape. Perhaps as a result, it’s sometimes found clinging to tall people or to the walls of buildings! If you try to remove one against its will, you’ll be met with a sound punch.

Crabrawler’s favorite food is Berries. It punches the trunks of trees to give the branches a good shake and knock any ripe Berries to the ground so it can feast! Many Crabrawler may gather around a tree, but only the one that emerges victorious in battle against all the others receives the privilege of eating the ripe Berries.

Crabrawler uses its claws to protect its face and belly while getting in close to an opponent to throw punches. Its punches are powerful enough to split tree trunks! Crabrawler’s pincers are sometimes torn off during its bouts—and they are said to be delicious.

A brand new Pokemon was revealed for Sun/Moon at Gamescom 2016 today. The Pokemon Company has introduced the new creature known as Turtonator. Watch its reveal trailer below.

Here’s what we know about Turtonator:

More information about the new Pokémon:

Name: Turtonator
Category: Blast Turtle Pokémon
Type: Fire/Dragon
Height: 6’07”
Weight: 467.4 lbs.
Ability: Shell Armor

The Blast Turtle Pokémon Turtonator lives around volcanoes and camouflages itself as a rock to wait for its prey. This Pokémon feeds on sulfur and other materials found near volcanic craters, and as a result its shell is covered in a layer of explosive material. During battle, when something strikes Turtonator, sparks fly from the horns on its shell, igniting this layer and causing an explosion.

Turtonator can learn the exclusive move Shell Trap. With this move, the Pokémon lays a trap for the opponent at the start of the turn. If Turtonator is hit by an opponent’s physical attack during that turn, the trap triggers an explosion resulting in huge damage to the opponent.

Beginning with CoroCoro’s September 15 issue, a manga based on Pokemon Sun/Moon will be serialized. It’ll star a new trainer and his partner Rockruff as they go through the Alola Region.

The Japanese Pokemon Sun/Moon website has now updated with a few preview pages of the manga. View them in the gallery below.


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