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Pokemon Sun

USGamer is chipping in with its own Pokemon Sun/Moon developer interview. Once again, Game Freak’s Shigeru Ohmori and Junichi Masuda participated in the discussion. Prominent topics included focusing on Pokemon themselves in Sun/Moon, the transfer process from the original games on Virtual Console, and more.

Read up on some of Ohmori and Masuda’s comments below. For the full interview, visit USGamer.

Ohmori on how Pokemon Sun/Moon puts a lot more emphasis on the monsters themselves…

We have another set of interviews for Pokemon Sun/Moon, this time in video format. GamesRadar and Eurogamer put up pieces with series producer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori while GameXplain posted a recap of its discussion with the two. Find the full set of video sbelow.

A ton of Pokemon Sun/Moon developer interviews are starting to come online. Series producer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori fielded a ton of questions from the press.

First up is Game Informer, who asked the two about topics such as connectivity with Pokemon GO, which platform we’ll see the next entry on, stereoscopic 3D, and much more about Sun/Moon specifically. Naturally, the discussion wouldn’t have been complete without a question about Yungoos looking like Donald Trump. You can find a bunch of notable comments below, and the full interview here.

YouTube user Kaphotics is still tinkering away at data mining Pokemon Sun/Moon’s demo. With his latest results, a major change to the series has been discovered. Head past the break for more.

Do you remember how Smash Bros. would restart after closing the game on an older 3DS system? Well, now we have another game that operates similarly.

Those who have been playing the Pokemon Sun/Moon demo on older 3DS models (not the New 3DS), noticed that the system fully reboots after it’s been closed. Miiverse is also disabled, and the Home Menu lags while the demo is open.

It just goes to show how many resources Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon require. Of course, if you’re on a New 3DS, you won’t ever run into anything like this.


In celebration of the Pokemon Sun/Moon demo up on the 3DS eShop, Nintendo has sent out a trailer. Give it a look below.

Update 2: The Pokemon Sun/Moon demo is now officially live in North America!

Update: The front page banner of the eShop advertises the demo as being available, but the download button hasn’t been activated. Stay tuned…

Original: North America has now joined the rest of the world with the Pokemon Sun/Moon demo. It just went live on the 3DS eShop, so you should be able to download it – assuming the shop doesn’t crash and burn under heavy traffic.

Unfortunately, Game Freak didn’t quite manage to do what it needed to to hide some of Pokemon Sun/Moon’s secrets in the new demo. YouTube user Kaphotics has been data mining extensively, and has shared some major information about the final game. Head past the break for more.

While everyone is busy playing the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo version, CoroCoro have released some gameplay footage from the full version of the game. The video shows the player facing off against the first Totem Pokemon in the full version of the game – in Pokemon Sun, that is Gumshoos (in Pokemon Moon, you will encounter Alolan Raticate instead). Give it a watch:


Nintendo made good on its “late morning” promise from yesterday’s press release. The Pokemon Sun & Moon demo is out now on the eShop across Europe and the UK.

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