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Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 06

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 06 was announced for Switch earlier this year. At the time, Prototype shared a vague summer release window for the game. The company has now followed up today by confirming plans to have it ready in September.

Like all of the other entries in the series, Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 06 should be released in Japan and the west at the same time. English, Japanese, and Chinese language options will be supported.


Fatal Twelve, the mystery visual novel announced for Switch awhile back, has now been dated for a July 21 launch on the platform. We also now have confirmation that it will launch worldwide – not just Japan.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 06 will be joining its predecessors on the Switch this Summer in Japan. Per Weekly Famitsu, the game will cost 1,500 yen. For the curious, you can check out an overview for the game from its Steam page after the break:

Clannad Side Stories

Clannad Side Stories is coming to Switch this month. The title is confirmed to be supporting English, and will be getting a worldwide release. However, only Japan will be receiving a physical version.

Fortunately, much like the digital edition, Clannad Side Stories will also support English at retail. Fans of the game can import a boxed copy and play through the entire experience in English.

Clannad Side Stories launches for Switch on May 20. Pre-order the physical version on Play-Asia here.

Clannad Side Stories

Back in February, Clannad Side Stories was announced for Switch in Japan. It follows the original Clannad that released on the console around two or so years ago.

Fans will be happy to hear that Clannad Side Stories will also be offered on Switch in the west. A listing has popped up on the eShop, confirming plans for North America and Europe.

Here’s an overview of the game:


Following its debut on PC, the visual novel Island will be appearing on Switch in April. A physical release is confirmed for Japan, and English will be supported.

Play-Asia recently opened pre-orders for Island. If you’d like to secure a copy, head on over here.

Island launches for Switch on April 8.

Originally a worldwide Steam release on PC back in 2018 and later a PS4 release in 2019, Aiueo Kompany-developed mystery visual novel Fatal Twelve will be coming to Switch this spring in Japan. Prototype will be working to bring the title over, according to Famitsu. Nothing yet has been announced about a Western release, but since the game has already been localized before, there is still a chance we may see it on our respective eShop.

You can check out the overview via Steam after the break:

Prototype has shown off the opening cinematic for Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 01 to 05. Check out the video below.

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 01 to 05 is scheduled to launch on Switch on April 28 in Japan

Clannad Side Stories

Clannad Side Stories, otherwise known as Clannad Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de, is coming to Switch. That’s according to the latest issue of Famitsu, which reveals a May 20 release date for Japan.

Here’s an overview of the game from Steam:


Island, a visual novel first released in 2016, was confirmed for Switch earlier this month. That news came in from Famitsu, which had news about the title for Japan.

We’re not quite sure yet what Prototype’s plans are for the west. That being said, English text is confirmed thanks to the official website. Even if Island stays in Japan, you should be able to purchase the game from the Japanese Switch eShop and finish up a playthrough without any issues.

Island will arrive for Switch in Japan on April 8. We’ll let you know if there’s any news for the west.

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