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Splatoon 2

Nintendo will be posting a new Splatoon 2 video several hours from now that will showcase what’s to come for the Switch shooter, the company has teased.

The video should go live at the following times:

The fourth North American Splatfest in Splatoon 2 has come to an end. In the latest event, players were asked if they prefer sci-fi or fantasy.

Team Fantasy had the edge in both popularity and solo battles at 57% and 51% respectively. Team Sci-Fi won slightly more team battles at 51%, but that wasn’t enough.

The final score was 1 point for Team Sci-Fi and 2 points for Team Fantasy.

Nintendo once again updated Splatoon 2 with a new weapon, allowing players to access the Foil Flingza Roller. We’ve posted some footage of the addition below.

We’ve almost made it through another week, and our reward is a new weapon in Splatoon 2. The Foil Flingza Roller is identical to the regular Flingza Roller, except that it comes with the Suction Bomb sub-weapon and the Tenta Missiles special. It’ll be available tomorrow around noon in Japan and Australia, early in the morning in Europe and later tonight in North America.


This weekend, the latest North American Splatfest will be taking place. Per usual, Nintendo has created some special art to celebrate. We have it above.


As we mentioned last weekend, Emperor Gear is coming to Splatoon 2. Japanese magazine CoroCoro will have a code for the new gear in its next issue.

CoroCoro actually shared some official photos of the Emperor Gear earlier today. We have the various photos below.

Thanks to m_t for the tip.


The January 2018 issue of CoroCoro will have a serial code for Splatoon 2 to unlock the Emperor Gear, the magazine has announced. The outfit made its first appearance in the game’s manga in the comic magazine.

The Emperor Gear is comprised of the following:

– Headgear: Kaiser Cuff – Gear Power: Raises ink ratio
– Clothing: King Bench Kaiser – Gear Power: Raises movement speed in human form
– Shoes: Imperial Kaiser – Gear Power: Raises movement speed in squid form

This announcement was shared in the current December 2017 CoroCoro issue. The magazine will also upload a video about the Emperor Gear on its YouTube channel on December 9. Nintendo has not shared any news about making the gear available in other territories outside of Japan at this time.


Splatoon 2’s latest Japanese Splatfest is over. Also, Nintendo has published the results.

Players were asked if they prefer having having karaage with or without lemon. Despite close calls in all categories, those who sided “without lemon” were victorious. It was a 2-1 win thanks to one-point edges in solo and team battles.


Splatoon 2’s latest weapon, the Inkbrush Nouveau, was added to the game a short while ago. See it in action with the gameplay below.

Splatoon 2’s fourth European Splatfest was held last weekend. The Japanese equivalent will be held this weekend. As for North America, Nintendo just announced the details.

The fourth North American Splatfest in Splatoon 2 will put sci-fi up against fantasy. The event will begin on November 17 at 9 PM PT / November 18 at 12 AM ET. Once it ends, expect the full results soon after.


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