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Nintendo came out with Splatoon’s 1.3.0 update last night. It makes changes to the Ink Resistance, Stealth Jump, and Ninja Squid. Take a look for the video below to see how these modifications stack up to the previous version of the game.

Over on the official Splatoon Tumblr, Nintendo has taken the opportunity to introduce the Squid Squad. The Squid Squad is a music group responsible for the background music played during Turf Wars. Nintendo says that “their shows sell out instantly and they’re always being mobbed by fans, so they don’t make public appearances very often.”

Syn., Vo. & Gt., Ba., and Dr. are the different members of the Squid Squad. You can read up on details about each below.

This group of squid punks is the Squid Squad. They’re one of Inkopolis’s hottest acts, and their tracks can be heard as background music during many of the Inkling Turf Wars. Sadly, their shows sell out instantly and they’re always being mobbed by fans, so they don’t make public appearances very often.


The keyboardist is the group’s only girl. The melodies she weaves reveal a foundation in deep-sea squid funk that’s truly on another level.

Vo. & Gt.

This guy handles lead vocals and guitar in the Squid Squad, and he writes most of the music and lyrics, too. Welll, he never actually learned to read music, but he’s got a gift for rippin’ phat guitar riffs, and most importantly he’s got that rockstar charm to inspire the other members to greatness.


The bass player is the group’s oldest member. He’s one cool customer who doesn’t show much emotion, but make no mistake, he’s the backbone of this band. He’s always the first one at soundcheck, and the last one to leave the stage at the end of the encore.


The dummer’s a bit rough around the edges. They call him wild child for a reason. This youngster’s sense of rhythm is uncanny, and when it matters most, his sticks are always there to lead the way with a wicked beat barrage. He really gives his all on stage—if you look closely you might catch him weeping during a drum solo.



Splatoon’s new 1.3.0 update came out last night. For a look at what’s new/changed, take a look at the video below.


The newest update for Splatoon, which was announced for the game last week, is now available. Your game will be brought up to version 1.3.0 after applying the patch.

Today’s update makes adjustments and changes to Splatfest, weapons, and abilities. We’ve attached the full patch notes below for those who missed out on them last week.

Update: YouTube version added.

Nintendo Treehouse: Live with Splatoon Tower Control has now come to an end. If you missed any of the stream, head past the break to catch up on the full recording. We’re using Twitch’s archive for now, but we’ll update this post with a YouTube version when that becomes available.


Nintendo is currently hosting a live stream for Splatoon. While Tower Control is the main highlight, the broadcast also showed off a new map called “Moray Towers”.

Nintendo says that Moray Towers will be added to the game “soon”.

We’ll have an archive up of today’s Splatoon stream in a bit. You’ll be able to get a first look at Moray Towers in addition to Tower Control.


Just as Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of America have done in recent weeks, Nintendo of Europe has now put out a promo to promote Splatoon’s imminent Splatfest. It’s very much the same trailer as the other two versions, but with a note at the end for the rock vs. pop theme. This should serve as your final reminder that the first Splatfest kicks off on July 4 in both North America and Europe!

Nintendo has uploaded a gameplay video of Splatoon’s new Tower Control mode. Check it out below.

Thanks to JosuePe81134122 for the tip.


A new multiplayer mode is coming to Splatoon tomorrow (Thursday in Europe). Nintendo will be adding Tower Control, which is a variant of the Ranked Battle.

Tower Control will launch at the following times:

7 PM PT (Wednesday)
10 PM ET (Wednesday)
3 AM in the UK (Thursday)
4 AM in Europe (Thursday)

Nintendo Treehouse: Live will be showing off Tower Control on Twitch today at 6 PM ET / 3 PM PT. We’ll have an embed version on the site before it goes live.

Head past the break for today’s official announcement with details about Tower Control.

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In this month’s issue of Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, there’s an interview with some of the Splatoon developers. That includes directors Yusuke Amano and Tsubasa Sakaguchi as well as producer Hisashi Nogami.

Nintendo Dream starts off by asking how matchmaking works. Amano mentions that rather than focusing on levels, the game pairs players with similar playstyles in Turf War. Levels are more of “an indicator for how long the person has played the game.”

Since Splatoon matches users together based on how they play, Amano notes that those who tend to splat enemies are likely to play together. Likewise, those who concentrate on painting rather than splatting are more likely to get paired up.

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