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Famitsu has kicked off a Squid Fashion Contest for Splatoon. In Japan, fans have a chance to have their gear featured in the game by coming up with creative new ideas. The winning designs will be added to Splatoon via a future update.

Participants will need to come up with a full set of gear. That includes headgear, clothes, and shoes.


Those who are interested can enter the contest here. The competition will close on June 11, and the results will be announced later in the month.


Update: Here’s another trailer to promote Splatoon Global Testfire:

Nintendo has prepared a third Japanese weapons trailer for Splatoon. In the latest video, we get another look at the Splat Roller. View the trailer below.


The MCM London Comic Con will be held this weekend, May 22nd – May 24th at the Excel, Royal Victoria Docks, London. Nintendo will be in attendance along with several games to be featured that are focused mainly on multi-player gameplay. They will be hosting several multi-player matches from  Wii U titles, such as the new 200cc mode for Mario Kart 8, amiibo competitions on Super Smash Bros., and Splatoon multiplayer battles. There will also be a pop-up store with exclusive and limited edition items like new 3DS cover plates and the Majora’s Mask 3DS XL Bundle that includes Skullkid. Monster Hunter 4 experts will also be on hand to give tips and hints in “Learn to Hunt” sessions. It is sure to be a fun-filled weekend!

Source: Nintendo PR

Curious about the different gear abilities offered in Splatoon? Then look no further than the graphic above, which has an overview of the various ones along with descriptions of each.

Splatoon will be available starting on May 29.

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Nintendo have published another weapon trailer for Splatoon, this time focusing on the Splattershot. Watch it below:


Well, this is certainly one of the more unique pre-order bonuses I’ve seen in a while. When you buy Splatoon at Target, you get an exclusive Splatoon-branded squirt gun for free as long as supplies last.


Update (5/18/15): Bumped to the top. A full translation can be found here.

Japan now has access to a new Splatoon manga. It’s apparently a one-time feature included in CoroCoro’s June issue. How neat would this be to see on a regular basis?!


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Nintendo have just released a new weapon trailer for Splatoon, this time focusing on the Splat Charger. Check it out below:


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