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Star Fox Wii U

The Associated Press has published a truly noteworthy interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. There is such a wide array of interesting questions and answers asked that we’re posting the discussion in full below.

Here’s an overview of topics addressed:

– amiibo cards
– The open world of Zelda Wii U
– Star Fox Wii U and how the game will play
– The Sony hack, and how a Mario film is unlikely
– Mario taking on a new role/appearing on a new game on Nintendo’s next platform
– A tease for what lies ahead after Wii U: “we have production lines that are working on ideas for what the next system might be”

Head past the break for all of Miyamoto’s juicy comments!

Will Zelda Wii U and Star Fox Wii U make use of amiibo? It certainly sounds like it.

During Shigeru Miyamoto’s recent interview with iJustine, he indicated that both titles will feature amiibo integration of some sort. Specifics were not shared, however.

Miyamoto said:

“I can’t really say just yet… but we do plan on doing something so that people who have amiibo will get some enjoyment out of having amiibo and using them in those games.”


Shigeru Miyamoto shared a brief update on Star Fox for Wii U at The Game Awards 2014. He said that the game is still planned for release next year, and it will launch before the new Zelda title.

We’ve mentioned this in a couple of posts earlier today, but this is directly from Shigeru Miyamoto as stated during the Treehouse Live segment: