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F-Zero 99 update 1.2.1

F-Zero 99 just came out with another update in the form of version 1.2.1.

Today’s patch addresses one single issue. If you were having issues with the Skyway on the secret track based on Mute City I after exiting the Skyway, you’ll be happy to hear that this has been addressed. Nothing else appears to be in the update.

Here’s the official notice from Nintendo:

Wild Card Football getting Legacy QB Pack, free update

January 12: There’s more to come for Wild Card Football, as today, Saber Interactive announced the Legacy QB Pack and a free update.

The Legacy QB Pack is the game’s first post-launch premium DLC. It will offer four iconic legends with their own unique outfits – Warren Moon, Steve Young, Kurt Warner and Randall Cunningham.

Super Mario Maker 2 update 3.0.3

Super Mario Maker 2 is back with another update via version 3.0.3. Unsurprisingly, it’s a pretty small release.

Here’s the official rundown from Nintendo:

A big update for From Space went live in the Switch version today.

Horde Mode, new skins for Story Mode, and more are included. Players can also access the Molten Iron and Concrete Jungle DLCs plus Operation: Clear Skies story mode DLC.

Here’s the full rundown of everything included:

Minecraft update 1.20.61

Minecraft is back with a new version 1.20.61 update. Note that this version is specifically for Switch as other platforms show version 1.20.60, but both are the same.

Today’s patch includes experimental features from the upcoming 1.21 update, including Trial Chambers and the Breeze plus experimental Armadillo and Wolf Armor. Many bug fixes and parity changes are also available.

Here’s the full rundown:

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have just put out update 8.2.0 of Fire Emblem Heroes.

Thanks to this update, players will now be able to inherit 5 skills per inheritance session, check an active list of effects per unit mid-battle, equip a greater range of skills for Rearmed & Attuned Heroes, and more. We have the full rundown of changes below.

Tevi Boss Rush update

A new Boss Rush update will soon be made available for the Switch version of Tevi, it’s been announced.

The Boss Rush Mode includes over three difficulty levels and the colosseum can be accessed after beating the game once. Three new special battles have been added as well.

Here’s the full rundown of the new update:

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Shantae DLC

The team behind Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night today unveiled new DLC inspired by the Shantae series known as the Half-Genie Cosmetic Pack. This will be offered to all players for free.

The DLC includes everything Miriam needs to dress up as Shantae, and there are also items inspired by series antagonist Risky Boots. Here’s the full rundown of what’s included:

The Battle of Polytopia update multiplayer

The Battle of Polytopia has received a major update on Switch.

The update is highlighted by multiplayer support, enabling you to challenge players worldwide on other devices such as mobile and PC. It also includes a complete naval rework called “Path of The Ocean.” 

Here’s the full rundown:

Super Bomberman R 2 update 1.3.1

Konami started distribution of the latest Super Bomberman R 2 update today, version 1.3.1.

The update includes some additions / quality of life improvements. Additionally, it comes with adjustments for Graded Match matchmaking and some bug fixes.

Here’s the full rundown:

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