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Sports Story update

Original (12/31): Sidebar Games is wrapping up a new update for Sports Story that will soon be in the hands of players.

The title just released a few days ago, but players have encountered some issues. This upcoming update is intended to address problems that players have reported since launch.

The full patch notes for the upcoming Sports Story update are as follows:

The newest update for Melty Blood: Type Lumina has now gone live, bringing the game up to version 1.4.1. The update, which was released last year for other platforms and has now finally been brought to Switch, fixes some issues with the two latest characters to be added to the game, as well as some other general bug fixes. Full details below:

Fire Emblem Heroes update 7.1.0

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are kicking off the new year with the latest update for Fire Emblem Heroes. This will be going live on January 9 in North America and January 10 in Europe.

The update features new skills for a Legendary and Mythic Hero, new weapons to refine, and more. Aside from content additions, some changes are being implemented as well.

The patch notes for the Fire Emblem Heroes version 7.1.0 update are as follows:

Cult of the Lamb update Heavy Attack

Massive Monster has shared some early information about a new content update it has in the works for Cult of the Lamb, including the addition of a Heavy Attack.

The developer said that it’s now focusing on “adding more depth to the game”, and the team is concentrating on combat and dungeon gameplay. Other fixes are also planned that will be applied in a patch at the start of 2023.

Here’s a rundown of the Heavy Attack in Cult of the Lamb:

Cygames has shared details about the next big Little Noah: Scion of Paradise update, including the ability to play as Zipper.

As most players know, Zipper is Noah’s cat companion. While we don’t have all of the details yet, the character will be playable after completing the game. The developers have also said that you’ll get to hear more from Noah while exploring the ruins.

Wylde Flowers Endless Seasons and Romance update

Studio Drydock has issued a big “Endless Seasons and Romanced” update for Wylde FlowersThis is the first round of additional content for the game.

There are a number of highlights here with players preparing for a festival. They can advance training with the coven and take over as Keeper of the Wheel, with the power and responsibility to change the seasons at will. If players have married someone from Fairhaven or Ravenwood, there’ll now be more spouse dialogue and romantic dates.

Below are the full patch notes:

Severed Steel Rogue Steel update

A big “Rogue Steel” update has just dropped for Severed Steel on Switch.

This is a pretty significant patch with new content, features, and improvements. Some of the highlights include the Rogue Steel mode, new weapons, support for gyro controls, and performance improvements.

The full patch notes for the Severed Steel “Rogue Steel” update are as follows: update 1.0.4 recently came out with its latest update – specifically version 1.0.4.

More improvements, balance changes, and adjustments have been implemented. Some of the additions include the ability to deactivate and re-activate systems, new resource colors for wires, and the option to place multiple systems of the same kind in succession on the ASL grid.

The full patch notes for the version 1.0.4 update are as follows:

Groove Coaster: Wai Wai Party update December 2022

Three years after its original release, Taito has just given Groove Coaster: Wai Wai Party!!!! another update. We also have news about a sale on the eShop.

As for the update, it includes improvements to Ranked Match, balance changes, bug fixes and four new, voiced navigators, including two hololive stars. Read the official patch notes below.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge update Custom Game

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge has just gone live with a new update that adds Custom Game options and more.

The Custom Game options provide players with greater control with 11 mix-and-match modifiers. Other additions, improvements, and changes are also included.

The full patch notes for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge update are as follows:

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