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Kingdom Two Crowns Lost Islands update

Kingdom Two Crowns just received a new update on Switch known as “Lost Islands”.

After installing the patch, players can take on a new area that offers a new, randomly generated challenge every day. There are also a few balance changes and multiple fixes.

The full patch notes for the Kingdom Two Crowns “Lost Islands” update are as follows:

A new update for Breakers Collection has been announced for Switch, bringing a number of bug fixes and quality of life updates to the title. Full details for the update, which will launch on January 26, can be found below:

Into the Breach update 1.2.88

Subset Games has announced a new version 1.2.88 update for Into the Breach. This should be rolling out within the next couple of weeks on Switch.

The upcoming update is largely intended to address a variety of issues. As part of that, a Switch-specific problem will be addressed with the Developer Console.

The full patch notes for the Into the Breach version 1.2.88 are as follows:

The Crackpet Show update 1.1

A new update for The Crackpet Show is now available on Switch, with players having access to version 1.1.

This patch adds new content, includes balance changes, and addresses bugs. There are even some performance enhancements regarding boss battles.

The full patch notes for The Crackpet Show version 1.1. update are as follows:

ARK Ultimate Survival Edition update 2.0.5

Studio Wildcard and Grove Street Games have issued the latest update for ARK: Ultimate Survival Edition, version 2.0.5.

The update is highlighted by the support for the upcoming Ragnarok DLC. There are other highlights as well, including non-dedicated sessions, improved melee combat performance, and more.

The full patch notes for the ARK: Ultimate Survival Edition version 2.0.5 update are as follows:

Fire Emblem Engage update 1.1.0

Fire Emblem Engage will start launching in just a couple of hours starting in some regions, and Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have prepared a version 1.1.0 day one update.

You’ll want to download this one if you have any interest in the online features or Expansion Pass. Both will be properly supported after the update is installed.

The full patch notes for the Fire Emblem Engage version 1.1.0 update are as follows:

The previously announced Winter Update for Live by the Sword: Tactics has now been released for Switch by developer Labrador Studios, bringing a variety of new additions and changes to the game. Full details can be found below:

Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration has been updated on Switch, bringing it in line with releases on other platforms. This update fixes various issues across the game’s different modes, as well as providing the usual quality of life enhancements. Full details can be found below:

Cult of the Lamb update 1.1.0

Cult of the Lamb has gone live with its latest update, and Switch players can now download version 1.1.0.

This comes with new quality of life features, new accessibility options, bug fixes and optimizations, and more. Improvements include mass blessings, auto cooking and fishing, controller rebinding, and cult renaming.

The full patch notes for the Cult of the Lamb version 1.1.0 update are as follows:

Nobody Saves the World Impossible Dungeon update

In celebration of the game’s first anniversary, a new Impossible Dungeon update has just landed in Nobody Saves the World. Switch owners can download it now.

The update adds a new carnival themed “endless” dungeon and a new Dinosaur form players can unlock by playing through the Impossible Dungeon. Here’s some additional information:

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