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Lost Sphear isn’t off to such a great start in Japan. Combined sales of the Switch and PlayStation 4 versions are just over 13,000 copies. On Switch specifically, the RPG sold roughly 6,000 units in its first week.

Data from Dengeki further points to a lack of interest in Lost Sphear. According to its numbers, the game sold through just 20 percent of its initial shipment. Not only is Lost Sphear selling slowly so far, but Square Enix may have overestimated interest and there will likely be an overabundance of copies sitting on store shelves.


Lost Sphear file size

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Square Enix has launched Lost Sphear in Japan. The RPG can be purchased in stores, though a digital version is being distributed as well. It’s a 2.4GB download, in case you’re curious.

Lost Sphear is still a few months out in the west. It’s planned for January 23 in both North America and Europe.

Source: Switch eShop

GameSpot posted a new video of Lost Sphear on Switch with over 25 minutes of gameplay. The footage, posted below, focuses on dungeon crawling.

Japanese Lost Sphear commercial

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Square Enix published a new Japanese commercial for Lost Sphear. Although it’s an early 2018 release in the west, Japan is getting the game on October 12. View the advert below.

Lost Sphear English gameplay

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Another round of footage is in for Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory’s new game Lost Sphear, now in English. Get a look at more gameplay below.

Japanese Lost Sphear demo footage

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Earlier today, Square Enix put out a demo for Lost Sphear on the Japanese Switch eShop. Get a look at some footage of the download below.

Square Enix announced a demo for Lost Sphear at the Tokyo Game Show this week. It didn’t take long for it go live, as it’s now available on the Japanese Switch eShop.

The Lost Sphear demo takes up 793MB of space. Note that it is only in Japanese, though Square Enix will likely offer a localized version in a few months.

Source: Switch eShop

At the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix held a special session for Lost Sphear. Footage of the game was shown, including gameplay specifically from the Switch version. Have a look at the recording below.

Square Enix is planning a demo for Lost Sphear ahead of its Japanese release on October 12. Announced at the Tokyo Game Show today, the trial version will begin distribution in Japan starting next week.

Players who try out the demo can carry save data over to the full game. As for its contents, fans can experience the early parts of the RPG.

Square Enix also intends to put out a two-disc original soundtrack for Lost Sphear. It’s due out in Japan on November 22 for 2,500 yen. Check out a trailer for the soundtrack below.


Lost Sphear pre-launch trailer

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Square Enix has gone live with a new Japanese pre-launch trailer for Lost Sphear. We’ve included the video below.

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