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Last Friday, Nintendo partnered with the City Dads Group for an interactive “Build, Play, Share” workshop at the Los Angeles Public Library. The organization provides a means for dads “to bond with their children and fellow parents.”

Families and local teens were able to participate in building content at the workshop. Specifically, attendees learned about making virtual courses in Super Mario Maker for 3DS.

Here’s what happened at the event, as Nintendo describes:

“The ‘Build, Play, Share’ workshop invited people of all ages to the Los Angeles Public Library’s Central Library in downtown L.A. to work in teams to conceptualize and build their own courses in Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. Game-design experts from Nintendo were on hand to lend their expertise to attendees, while also providing tips and sparking course-building ideas. In addition to this event in Los Angeles, video assets will soon be available on the Play Nintendo website for other organizations to access so they can host their own ‘Build, Play, Share’ workshops.”

Representatives had this to say about the design workshop:

“With the recent national push for more STEM programs for children in schools, partnering with City Dads Group and the Los Angeles Public Library was a great opportunity to highlight the level-design capabilities of Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. This exciting event helped introduce a new playtime activity for the digital era that families can enjoy together.” – Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

“City Dads Group was fortunate to collaborate with an amazing brand like Nintendo to host a game design workshop in the L.A. Public Library. The interactive event immersed dads and their little ones in winning experiences that are fun for the whole family.” – Lance Somerfeld, co-founder, City Dads Group.

Source: Nintendo PR

Back in July last year, we first got confirmation that a Link Nendoroid from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was in the works. Now, first images of the actual figure have turned up. As per usual, the Nendoroid is customisable, can be arranged in various poses and comes with several accessories, including various weapons, a Sheikah Slate, a cowl for Link to wear and a horse for him to ride on. Take a look:

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The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Concert album is heading to Japan on February 15. It’ll be published as both a limited edition item as well as a standard release, both of which can be pre-ordered and imported from Play-Asia here and respectively.

In the latest issue of Nintendo Dream, the set list for the album is revealed. Pretty much all of the songs from the actual concert are included as expected, though with a couple of exceptions. The Zelda: Breath of the Wild main theme and Kakariko Village are apparently absent (from the “Encore” part of the concert).

You can find the full set list below.

A new Yo-kai Watch comic series is on the way from IDW Publishing. In April, the series will kick off from writer Eric M. Esquivel, illustrator Tina Franscisco, and colorist Dono Sanchez Almara.

Here’s a brief description of the comic:

“The hit anime, manga and toy sensation from Japan comes to North American comics! Join Nate and his Yo-Kai, Whisper, as they battle against ill-intentioned Yo-Kai causing terrible trouble in their hometown!”

Yo-kai Watch’s new comic will have 32 full-color pages for its first issue. It’ll retail for $3.99.

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A few hundred Nintendo Network IDs were recently thought to have been affected by some sort of hack. Squish Turtle obtained a statement from Nintendo, which states that “login information was taken from a third-party website”. This data was compromised, and unfortunately some users had the same login information for their Nintendo Network ID.

Affected accounts have now been suspended to avoid any further issues. Users will need to contact Nintendo to have their information updated and account restored.

An official message from Nintendo of Australia reads:

This month’s issue of Retro Gamer is starting to make the rounds. In it, an interview is published with Suda51, the developer of games such as No More Heroes and Killer7.

Some of the Nintendo-related excerpts have now been transcribed online, courtesy of Japanese Nintendo. Suda51 spoke about Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special, making Killer7 as intended for a global audience, and developing for Wii.

Continue on below for those comments.

Last year, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime appeared on DeadLock from The Game Theorists to argue about motion controls. He’s back again, and this time he’s presenting a case for Nintendo to continue making consoles rather than just focusing on software alone. Check out the full video below. 

This week’s episode of Nintendo Minute has gone live. In today’s episode, Kit and Krysta surprise a few friends with Switch. Watch the full video below.

Yacht Club Games is committed to starting work on something entirely new this year. The studio will finally be moving on from the original Shovel Knight, which released way back in June 2014.

Shovel Knight could still be in Yacht Club Games’ future though. Yacht Club Games programmer David D’Angelo informed GamesIndustry that the team is trying to decide between creating something new within the Shovel Knight franchise and a new IP.

D’Angelo explained:

“We’ve talked about wanting to extend the Shovel Knight franchise. How about we make Shovel Knight 2, or Super Shovel Knight, or Shovel Knight 64? Maybe we could take Shovel Knight through the ages, that is something that is very appealing to us. But also, we are all very burned out on Shovel Knight for sure, so we thought: ‘What if we made a new IP? What would that look like?’

“The true reason we made Shovel Knight a 1980s-style game is because we wanted to cram as much fun gameplay into it as possible. And to us, if we could limit the burden on the art style, then we could iterate and really put in loads of enemies, objects, bosses, and everything you can imagine. I think that idea will remain pretty central to our studio, no matter what. You won’t see us making The Last of Us anytime soon.”

Also worth noting, we have an update on the performance of the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack that Yacht Club Games published in North America. Although it apparently wasn’t as successful as the company had hoped, the firm’s distributors as well as GameStop say it exceeded expectations.


Pokemon Bank was finally updated this week to include functionality for Pokemon Sun/Moon. To celebrate, Nintendo of Europe presented a challenge to Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda to name as many Pokemon as he can in 20 seconds. See how he did below.

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