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Dylan Cuthbert

Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert conducted a new Reddit AMA today. As a Star Fox developer who has played an influential role in the Star Fox series, he had plenty to say about the franchise. He spoke about an old-school re-make pitched to Nintendo, working on Star Fox Command (and its endings), and his own personal ideas for a new game. Cuthbert also weighed in on Switch, Nintendo’s Game Boy title for “X” and why it never left Japan, and more.

We’ve collected a number of important responses from the Reddit AMA below. You can read the full thing right here.

During a live stream this week, Dylan Cuthbert – who worked on the original Star Fox along with a couple of other series entries – hosted a stream of Star Fox Zero. GameXplain picked up on it and has now posted a video recapping some interesting nuggets that were shared. He spoke about the fan theory of Team Star Fox’s legs being amputated, being married to Shigeru Miyamoto, and more.

View the video below. You can watch the original stream in full here.

Star Fox Command could have ended up as a very different game. Initially, the plan was to make it “very much like the original Star Fox,” according to developer Dylan Cuthbert.

So what happened? Cuthbert recently stated that Shigeru Miyamoto “specifically told us to take the game in the direction of Star Fox 2”. He wanted the game “to be more experimental” and to use the “DS’ tow screens in as interesting a way as possible.”

Cuthbert’s comments in full:

The initial prototype we made was very much like the original Star Fox, but Miyamoto specifically told us to take the game in the direction of Star Fox 2 and I was happy to explore those more strategic themes. Miyamoto told us to be more experimental, using the DS’ two screens in as interesting a way as possible. Takaya Imamura was stationed in our office permanently during development and created the story lines and other character-based parts to the game.


According to Q-Games boss Dylan Cuthbert, who worked on the original SNES title, Star Fox Command, and Star Fox 64 for 3DS, a finished version of Star Fox 2 exists.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Cuthbert mentioned that he was able to play the game during the development of Star Fox Command.

Even after the decision was made we went ahead and completed it, taking it to be fully QA’d through Mario Club. During development [of Star Fox Command] we received a copy of the mastered Star Fox 2 ROM to play, and it was quite a blast.

Cuthbert also noted that ROM images found on the Internet are unfinished prototypes, as they are missing elements that make it complete. Unfortunately, it sounds like we probably won’t ever see what the finished version looks like.

The legal problems regarding the now-defunct Argonaut Software are probably a nightmare. Never say never though! The fully complete Japanese ROM at least does exist.