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Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikyou Card Battle has been downloaded over one million times in Japan. To celebrate, the game will be holding a special event featuring Marik Ishtar. The free-to-play title is also set to release in other territories in the future, although Konami has not given a firm release date.


Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Heroes is heading to Japan next month, and CoroCoro is now sharing footage from the game. Take a look at their video below.

Konami has prepared another Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Heroes trailer, this time clocking in at five minutes. Watch it below.

Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Heroes, an upcoming 3DS baseball game from Konami, will be featuring a Mario costume and a “Heroes Mode”. The Mario costume will enable special music and fire-based throw and swing abilities. Heroes Mode lets players befriend and recruit various characters to their baseball team as they travel the Powerful Archipelago and compete to win a baseball tournament. You can watch trailers featuring both of these features below:

The game will release December 15 in Japan.


Momotaro Dentetsu 2017: Tachiagare Nippon!! will release December 22 for 3DS in Japan. The news comes from its official website, which just opened. There are also multiple screenshots of the game, which you can view below:


Konami showed off a bunch of footage of Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Heroes during a tournament event in Japan earlier today. Continue on below for the full archive.

Amazon has given us a look at the Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Heroes boxart and some screenshots as well. See the packaging above and the images below.


Konami set a release date for Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Heroes today. In Japan, the title will be out on December 15. Pricing is set at 4,500 yen.

We also now have Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Heroes’s second teaser trailer. Get a look at that below.

Super Castlevania IV arrived yesterday on the North American New 3DS Virtual Console. For the official trailer, continue on below.

Another game is joining the North American New 3DS Virtual Console very soon. As of tomorrow, Konami’s Super Castlevania IV will be available, Nintendo’s website confirms.

Super Castlevania IV’s official description is as follows:

“In the peaceful country of Transylvania, there is a legend of an evil castle and its master, the Prince of Darkness, Dracula. Once every hundred years, the powers of good mysteriously weaken, and evil attempts to resurrect Dracula. It’s up to the Belmont clan to take up the eternal fight against the vampire. Players take on the role of Simon Belmont, armed with the legendary whip, Vampire Killer, to defeat Dracula and his evil minions. Luckily, Simon has many additional weapons at his disposal, including axes, holy water, crosses, knives and even a magical stopwatch that can stop the flow of time for a spell. Simon must travel through 11 stages, beginning in the countryside, to reach Dracula’s Castle, all the while overcoming perilous traps and hideous monsters. Only the power of the Belmonts can quell the looming darkness.”

Super Castlevania IV will be priced at $7.99.


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