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Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man Legacy Collection’s launch is nearly here. We’re posting one more gameplay video below that contains 10 minutes of footage.

Destructoid has a few photos up of the Mega Man Legacy Collection Collector’s Edition. Check them out in the gallery below.

As far as the gold Mega Man amiibo is concerned, it does come in a separate case. However, it’s completely generic and lacks a proper label. It’s also not possible to use Mega Man without taking it out of the box, for those that are curious.

Six postcards of art from each game are also included in the Mega Man Legacy Collection Collector’s Edition. That’s on top of sticks, a card to download 18 tracks from the soundtrack, and two 3DS themes inside the game box.


Most 3DS games support stereoscopic 3D, but there are some that don’t. In the case of Mega Man Legacy Collection, there is some 3D functionality… just not much.

Dennis is currently playing through Mega Man Legacy Collection for review. He tells me that the menus are in 3D, but the games themselves aren’t. You can turn the slider on and see that the background becomes 3D, but it doesn’t do much since it’s just a basic black background, and for whatever reason there’s a flicker on the sides when you turn it on. It’s not like the 3D Classics or SEGA ports on the eShop.

As for Challenge Mode, these bite-sized gameplay segments are just like the main games where the background will have depth but the game is still flat. Museum Mode has depth while you’re scrolling through, but once you select what you want to look at it, the picture becomes flat again.

A new Japanese trailer for Mega Man Legacy Collection is now available, courtesy of Capcom. We’ve posted it below.

Mega Man Legacy Collection was once again shown during the latest episode of Capcom TV. Check out the recorded segment below.

Capcom featured Mega Man Legacy Collection once again during its latest online show. A recorded segment with footage of the game can be found below.

Capcom has prepared a new set of screenshots from Mega Man Legacy Collection. We’ve rounded up the latest images below.

Capcom has uploaded videos for two upcoming Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS themes. We’ve included them below.

Mega Man Legacy Collection was once again on display during the latest episode of Capcom TV. For another look at the game, view the video below.

Those looking for a copy of Mega Man Legacy Collection Collector’s Edition can get a pre-order in over at Best Buy. Reservations are back up here. Along with the game, you’ll be provided with a gold Mega Man amiibo.

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