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Limited Run Games has opened pre-orders for the physical version of Dragon’s Lair Trilogy. Along with a standard copy, there’s a collector’s edition up for grabs.

The collector’s edition includes:

Dragon’s Lair is officially getting a physical release on Switch, Limited Run Games has announced. Pre-orders open this Friday.

Like many of Limited Run Games’ Switch offerings, a collector’s edition will be available. Copies include the game, a poster, enamel pin, and arcade cabinet papercraft.


While it hasn’t been announced officially just yet, a physical version of Dragon’s Lair Trilogy seems to be in the works. Nintendo’s website has a listing for the game on its website showing a boxart. Limited Run Games will be handling the physical version.

Here’s a look at the boxart:

As mentioned earlier today, Dragon’s Lair Trilogy will be out on the Switch eShop in a week. We have some footage below.

Dragon’s Lair Trilogy is coming to Switch, a listing on the European eShop reveals. A release is planned for January 17.

Here’s an overview for Dragon’s Lair Trilogy, along with a trailer:

Capcom has prepared a new set of screenshots from Mega Man Legacy Collection. We’ve rounded up the latest images below.

We first found out about Get Off My Lawn! this past summer. Digital Leisure has now shared concrete details about the game, and we have a trailer as well.

Get Off My Lawn! is a free-to-play arcade shooter. Players take on the role of 78-year-old Murray Mendelson, who must keep endless waves of aliens off his lawn by taking them down with his musket. As you defeat more aliens, the tougher they become.

Players will be able to collect orbs, which can be used to upgrade weaponry. Power-ups include “Cane Time”, “Infuriate”, and “Soundwave”.

Get Off My Lawn! will be released on various platforms on November 11. However, the Wii U version will arrive later this winter.

Source: Digital Leisure PR

Digital Leisure is bringing a new game to Wii U titled “Get Off My Lawn!”. Not much is known about it at present, but the USK lists the title’s genre as arcade/shoot’em up.

We followed up with Digital Leisure late last week, and while we couldn’t secure any additional information, we were told that the company is “prepping a release in the coming weeks”. I assume we’ll be hearing more soon then!