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Pokemon GO

A new update is rolling out for Pokemon GO. However, it won’t be as significant as the last one that introduced a bunch of Pokemon and features.

iOS users will soon have access to version 1.27.3. On Android, the game’s update will be 0.57.3. Niantic says the patch will “implement performance improvements.”


To celebrate Pokemon’s latest anniversary, formally known as Pokemon Day, Pikachus encountered in Pokemon GO will come wearing a festive party hat. We now have a look at this above.

The event with Pikachu kicks off on February 26. It ends on March 26.


Pokemon is about to ring in its 21st anniversary. To celebrate, Pokemon GO will be holding a special promotion.

Between February 26 and March 6 at 1 PM PT, when you encounter a Pikachu, it’ll come wearing a festive party hat. The Pikachu caught during that time will keep its party hat forever.


After releasing the second generation of Pokemon into the wild for players to capture, Pokemon GO has reclaimed its position as the highest grossing iPhone game in the App store. In the Google Play store, Pokemon GO is third on the same chart, right behind mobile game titans Game of War and Mobile Strike. 

While Pokemon GO making huge amounts of money may seem like a familiar story, prior to the most recent content update Pokemon GO was in the bottom 10 for highest grossing games in both the App store and the Google Play store, and hasn’t been in the number one position since January 4th. Furthermore, the recent Valentines Day event only got the game as far as number eight in the list of top grossing games.

It seems that Pokemon GO could have an extremely long reign as the biggest name on the App store if the response to these content updates are anything to go by. Considering that only 251 of the 800+ Pokemon that exist so far are represented in Pokemon GO at the moment, it’s safe to assume that this game will be a dominating force in the mobile market for a while.


Soon after Pokemon GO launched, players discovered a naming trick to evolve Eevee. By giving the Pokemon a specific name, you’re able to specifically obtain Jolteon, Vaporeon, or Flareon. Names are based on the original Pokemon anime’s Eevee Brothers Rainer, Pyro, and Sparky.

Now that Pokemon GO has received over 80 new Pokemon, the latest Eevee evolutions Espeon and Umbreon are in. Just like with the original trio, you can again use the naming trick. For Espeon, name your Eevee Sakura. And for Umbreon, use Tamao.

Here’s some footage from the new Pokemon GO update by the way:


Pokemon GO players can now begin to nab new creatures from the second generation of Pokemon games. Niantic has flipped the switch, and over 80 Pokemon have now been added.

Don’t forget: there’s a new update to download as well. Version 1.27.2 is out on iOS, and version 0.57.2 is available for Android users.

Update 2: The update is live, but the new Pokemon are not. We’ll continue to monitor the situation.

Update: Bumped to the top. The new update is now live on iOS (version 1.27.2). Patch notes are as follows:

– Added Poke Ball and Berry selection carousels to the encounter screen.
– Added new night-mode and encounter music.
– Implemented Apple Watch connection stability improvement.
– Various bug fixes.
– Minor text fixes.

Original: Niantic announced yesterday that a new Pokemon GO update is planned for this week. As previously mentioned, it adds a ton of new Pokemon plus some new features.

We’re now starting to hear reports that the update is going live. At least on Android, users are now starting to see the new version. We’ll keep you up to date as the rollout continues.

Niantic has issued more screenshots from the new Pokemon GO update, this time in Japanese. The images show some of the Pokemon added to the game, evolution process, and customization for trainers. Find the full set below.

A special promotion will be kicking off very shortly in Pokemon GO. Beginning this afternoon, Pokemon Storage upgrades will require 50% fewer PokeCoins. It’ll last until February 28.

The promotion ties into a big update for Pokemon GO. Sometime this week, over 80 new Pokemon will be added along with a few features.


Sometime this week, Pokemon GO is getting a big update to introduce over 80 creatures from the second generation of Pokemon games. New features are on the way as well. Niantic has now issued some screenshots of what’s to come, and we have them below.

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