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Pokemon GO

Dataminers at The Silph Road have found more signs of arriving new Pokémon inside the raw data of Pokémon GO’s most recent patch.

Specifically, there’s some new mentions for evolution items such as King’s Rock, Metal Coat or Upgrade, which can be used to evolve Slowbro into Slowking, Onix into Steelix and Porygon into Porygon2. There’s also the Sun Stone and the Dragon Scale, evolutionary items that are needed to get Bellossom and Kingdra. All of these Generation 2 Pokémon would be ready to obtain in future updates along with Unowns, which have been mentioned explicitly as forms ranging from Unown A to Unown Exclamation Point.

According to The Silph Road, there has been an addition of 38 new moves. This is the first time that Niantic has implemented moves to Pokémon GO if we don’t take into account Ditto’s Transform.

Additionally, they have found more mentions to avatar customization such as belts, glasses and necklaces, more code to support the shiny and gender variations of pokémon and a new system for debugging purposes.

It is expected that Niantic will implement these new features in a future Pokémon GO update.

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Niantic has prepared a new update for Pokemon GO. Version 1.23.1 (iOS) / 0.53.1 (Android) should be making its way out to users soon.

Pokemon GO’s latest update makes a few small improvements. The patch notes we have are as follows:

Updated Apple Watch to display Eggs obtained from PokéStops

Changed distance tracking to better account for GPS drift

Minor text fixes.


Pokemon GO made over $950 million in 2016

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A new report from App Annie suggests that Pokemon GO made over $950 million in revenue in 2016. Since the game launched in July, this was only a six month period, making the number even more impressive. The game was No. 3 in total revenue for 2016, behind Monster Strike and Clash Royale. The full report is over at Venture Beat.

Pokemon GO’s partnership with Starbucks is being extended further. Another 5,000 locations are now either a PokeStop or Gym.

The partnership between Pokemon GO and Starbucks began back in early December. At the time, there were 7,800 Starbucks being used to promote the mobile game.


Niantic’s Pokémon GO never became available in China since its launch last summer and the reason for that is apparently the potential security risks that the Chinese state censor is foreseeing.

According to Reuters, Pokémon GO won’t be licensed in China until the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television evaluates the dangers of the augmented reality game in which players capture fictional creatures in the real world using a smartphone.

And they have reason to worry. Since Pokémon GO came out there has been a lot of news about car crashings, dead body findings and some types of crime related to it. Additionally, the censor is preoccupied about the implementation of Google Maps in order to track a player’s position, which is blocked in China.

When asked about this situation, a representative of Niantic told Kotaku that they are “focused elsewhere at the moment”. So it doesn’t seem like Niantic is obsessed about not being able to implement Pokémon GO in China.

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Pokemon GO received a massive boost in the United States at the end of 2016. With Niantic promoting the game with a pair of events, it experienced its best single day on December 31 in terms of domestic gross revenue since July 18. Players spent roughly $4.9 million on that day, Sensor Tower reports. The week of December 26 was also Pokemon GO’s highest grossing in the U.S. since mid-July at roughly $22.1 million spent.

The end-of-year holiday events in Pokemon GO performed better than the Halloween and Thanksgiving events. It also outperformed the initial introduction of Gen 2 Pokemon in early December.

As we closed out the week that was 2016, Pokemon GO was the highest grossing app in the United States. It beat out Clash of Clans and Clash Royale during that period.


Pokemon GO was the most downloaded release on the App Store worldwide in 2016, Apple has announced.

Additionally, Super Mario Run was among last year’s top 10 most downloaded apps. That’s despite the fact that it debuted in December.

Super Mario Run set a record with over 40 million downloads in just four days following its release. The game was the most downloaded app globally on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.


Pokemon GO has been hugely successful since it debuted during the summer. It’s consistently managed to stay at the top of the charts on both iOS and Android.

Speaking with Nikkei, Pokemon president Tsunekazu Ishihara offered up four reasons as to why Pokemon GO has been such a hit. Ishihara first brought up the cross-generational success with seniors in their 50s and 60s who originally bought games for their children, as well as players who experienced the series when they were young. Social media was another factor. Niantic being a unicorn company (start-up with a very high value) and smartphones paving the way for location-based services (GPS) were the final two factors Ishihara brought up.

2017 is almost here. To celebrate, Pokemon GO has been updated with a new loading screen, pictured below.

It’s also worth noting that the previously-announced promotions that were set to begin today are now live. The first partner Pokemon and their Evolutions from the Kanto regions are now more likely to be encountered, and Lure Modules will also last for 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Bronze, Silver, and Gold Boxes are also available that contain Incense, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, Poké Balls, and Great Balls.


Pokemon GO is now offering several limited-time packs for the holidays.

Through the afternoon of December 30, Niantic is bringing Special, Great, and Ultra Boxes. These are made up of Incubators, Incense, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls.

Additionally, from the afternoon of December 30 through the afternoon of January 3 Bronze, Silver, and Gold Boxes will be available. Incense, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, Poke Balls, and Great Balls are included here


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