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Pokken Tournament DX

The Switch 3.0 firmware update brought with it quite a few documented changes – and, as it turns out, at least one undocumented one.

After applying the update, the Pokken Tournament controller that was first released alongside Pokken Tournament on Wii U now works with the Switch. The controller was confirmed to be compatible with Pokken Tournament DX on Switch once it launches in September, but as it turns out, that compatibility extends to a lot more games than that. Early reports seem to indicate that the Switch recognizes the Pokken Tournament controller as a Pro Controller, meaning that it should be compatible with all games that support the Pro Controller.

Of course, it’s missing features like the capture and Home buttons and HD rumble, but the Pokken Tournament controller could nonetheless be a nice, cheap alternative to the Pro Controller.


Pokken Tournament DX will have a heavy focus at E3 2017. We previously heard about the tournament taking place on Wednesday. However, before that, something else will be happening.

Pokemon president Tsunekazu Ishihara will be stopping by to talk about Pokken Tournament DX with Nintendo Treehouse, developers, and experts. It’ll offer development insights, new gameplay, and “behind-the-scenes details”.

The session will take place at the following times on Wednesday:

– 10 AM PT
– 1 PM ET
– 6 PM in the UK
– 7 PM in Europe


Several screenshots from Pokken Tournament DX have come in through Nintendo’s Japanese blog. Find the images in the gallery below.


Did you purchase the Pokken Tournament Pro Pad controller when the fighter came out on Wii U? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that it will be compatible with Pokken Tournament DX. That news comes straight from the official website, so that’s all the information we need.

Thanks to n128 for the tip.


Pokken Tournament made use of amiibo on Wii U, but only in a really small way. Early copies included a Shadow Mewtwo card, allowing players to unlock the character right away.

For Pokken Tournament DX, amiibo compatibility will be back. It’s just unclear if there will be more extensive support for the functionality compared to the Wii U original.


Following the announcement of Pokken Tournament DX for Switch, the game’s Japanese website has opened. You can access it here. By doing so, you can view a whole bunch of screenshots from the game.

Nintendo has readied a new Switch trailer focusing on games launching this summer. ARMS, Splatoon 2, and the newly-announced Pokken Tournament DX are featured. Watch the video below.

Pokken Tournament DX boxart

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The official boxart for Pokken Tournament DX has now come in. Have a look at the packaging image above.

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