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Pokken Tournament DX

Nintendo has several new Pokken Tournament DX ready from the new Battle Pack. Take a look at the images below.

The expansion of Twitch Prime to Japan is being celebrated with a new promotion for Pokken Tournament. Members can receive Pokken Tournament DX in-game items and twelve exclusive Pokemon emotes this month.

As an early present from Twitch Prime and Pokemon, free in-game item codes have been shared for Pokken Tournament DX. You can redeem the following:

– In-game Avatar Holiday Ornament Item: Redeem using code QRRZ7LBS4TDV in-game
– In-game Avatar Male Cat Whiskers Item with 7 color variations: Redeem using code LT48EFNGRBRZ in-game
– In-game Avatar Female Cat Whiskers Items with 7 color variations: Redeem using code L9VPUW8QN9TB in-game
– In-game Avatar Holiday Title Item: Redeem using code 5W6LEN4TNVF5 in-game


Update: Full patch notes added below.

Original: Pokken Tournament DX’s big update is here. Nintendo and Bandai Namco have pushed the latest patch to all players.

Today’s update adds a number of new features. These include Team Battles with friends online, official groups in Group Match, the ability to record Pokemon movements in Practice Mode’s Free Training, and more. We’ll add in the full patch notes when Nintendo shares them.

We previously reported on the upcoming patch for Pokken Tournament DX, which will add a variety of new features, most importantly online team battles. We now have a more concrete date on when the patch will be available: “mid-November”. Since it’s already the 10th, we should be getting that patch fairly soon, perhaps even next week.


It’s been a couple of months since launch, but Nintendo has just now published an accolades trailer for Pokken Tournament DX. View it below.

Update: Added in an official overview of the patch from The Pokemon Company below.

Original: The newest update for Pokken Tournament DX is will soon be available for players to download. The update brings online team battles, new rewards when you reach higher ranks in Ranked Match online, recording feature to Free Training and various other small fixes. We’ll let you know when it’s live.

Two more codes can be redeemed in Pokken Tournament DX to obtain special original outfits for your trainer. Both are in the image above.

Nintendo has released other codes over the past couple of weeks. If you missed them, they’re located here and here.


Pokken Tournament DX sold a little over 50,000 copies in its first week in Japan. It didn’t light the sales charts on fire, but it wasn’t a flop, and it was also one of the best-selling games of the week.

Media Create further adds that Pokken Tournament DX sold through 41.39 percent of its initial shipment, which may seem on the low side. However, the game sold about 75 percent of the Wii U version. For that release, the original Pokken Tournament sold 70,000 copies in its first week with a sell-through rate of 36.65 percent.

Media Create points out that both Pokken Tournament DX and the original title have low sell-through rates in their first week. But since the Wii U version went on to sell 179,000 copies, the sales tracker believes DX could continue to sell over time, especially during the holiday season.


Nintendo has passed along two more codes for Pokken Tournament DX. The latest ones, as shown above, can be used to obtain original outfits for your trainer.

Missed last week’s codes? You can find them right here.


The latest episode of the Play Nintendo Show has gone live. In the new video, Pokken Tournament DX is shown off, and some weirdness ensues. Watch it below.

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