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Pokken Tournament DX

When Pokken Tournament originally came to Wii U, HORI produced a unique controller for the game. The company will be giving the same treatment to Pokken Tournament DX, which is on the way to Switch.

The Pokken Tournament DX Pro Pad Wired Controller has been officially licensed by Nintendo and Pokemon, and features a design based on the game’s arcade cabinet controller. It comes fitted with a 9.8 ft cable.

Pre-orders for the controller are open on Amazon here. It launches on Septemebr 22.

Pokken Tournament DX footage

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YouTuber FILIP played Pokken Tournament DX at Comic-Con this week, and shared new direct-feed footage of the game on Switch. Check out some footage below.

A pre-order bonus for Pokken Tournament DX has been listed for Pokemon Centers across Japan. The bonus includes a clear file with the game’s artwork, three cards showing the burst attacks of Pikachu, Mewtwo and Decidueye, three badges of the player characters and Nia, and a small bonus soundtrack CD containing 4 songs from the game, there will also be two additional songs that you can download on the Pokemon Center website on September 16th.


This weekend, Nintendo will be attending EVO 2017, one of the largest fighting game events in the world. Pokken Tournament DX will be featured.

First, the upcoming Switch game will have playable kiosks. Nintendo will also be playfully “recruiting” fans to join the virtual Pokken Tournament DX Academy. According to Nintendo, this “provides a direct line of communication between Nintendo and the Pokken Tournament DX players.”

We got two new Pokken Tournament DX trailers for the game, each trailer sharing information in Japanese about the game. You can take a look at both videos below.

Digital Foundry is sharing another technical analysis of a Switch game showcased at E3. This time, Pokken Tournament DX gets the focus.

The first thing Pokken Tournament DX has over its Wii U original is a bump in resolution. Whereas the fighter is running at 960×720 on Wii U, the Switch version is a native 1280x720p – at least when docked. There is a lack of anti-aliasing still, but Switch features improved texture filtering. Pokken Tournament DX also appears to run more consistently at 60 frames per second.

Here’s the full analysis from Digital Foundry:

The Switch 3.0 firmware update brought with it quite a few documented changes – and, as it turns out, at least one undocumented one.

After applying the update, the Pokken Tournament controller that was first released alongside Pokken Tournament on Wii U now works with the Switch. The controller was confirmed to be compatible with Pokken Tournament DX on Switch once it launches in September, but as it turns out, that compatibility extends to a lot more games than that. Early reports seem to indicate that the Switch recognizes the Pokken Tournament controller as a Pro Controller, meaning that it should be compatible with all games that support the Pro Controller.

Of course, it’s missing features like the capture and Home buttons and HD rumble, but the Pokken Tournament controller could nonetheless be a nice, cheap alternative to the Pro Controller.


Pokken Tournament DX will have a heavy focus at E3 2017. We previously heard about the tournament taking place on Wednesday. However, before that, something else will be happening.

Pokemon president Tsunekazu Ishihara will be stopping by to talk about Pokken Tournament DX with Nintendo Treehouse, developers, and experts. It’ll offer development insights, new gameplay, and “behind-the-scenes details”.

The session will take place at the following times on Wednesday:

– 10 AM PT
– 1 PM ET
– 6 PM in the UK
– 7 PM in Europe


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