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Have you ever played the “Test Your Might” bonus game in Mortal Kombat? I haven’t, but apparently a couple of guy are trying to get a game on 3DS eShop based heavily around that type of mode, allowing players to memorize button combinations and timing-based actions to break a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and stone. The team has started a Kickstarter for the project, and are asking for $3,000 to secure publication on the platform with rewards ranging from copies of the game to shirts and posters.

You can find their Kickstarter here.

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“The Wii U GPU is several generations ahead of the current gen. It allows many things that were not possible on consoles before. If you develop for Wii U you have to take advantage of these possibilities, otherwise your performance is of course limited. Also your engine layout needs to be different. You need to take advantage of the large shared memory of the Wii U, the huge and very fast EDRAM section and the big CPU caches in the cores. Especially the workings of the CPU caches are very important to master. Otherwise you can lose a magnitude of power for cache relevant parts of your code. In the end the Wii U specs fit perfectly together and make a very efficient console when used right.”

– Shin’en’s Manfred Linzner

Shin’en is talking about something I’ve been putting out there for a while now: The Wii U’s architecture is fundamentally different from a PS4, PC, or any other console out there. You can’t use the same “engine layout” (as they put it) and get the results you want, so if you want to get the most out of the console you have to be able to put in the extra effort to make an engine that takes advantage of what its strengths are. This is a huge reason why we aren’t seeing third party, multiplatform support on Wii U, and why we generally haven’t seen it on past Nintendo systems.

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Genius Sonority’s quirky 3DS eShop RPG gets sequel-ized, but is there enough depth here to warrant a purchase?

System: Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: May 30th, 2013
Developer: Genius Sonority
Publisher: Genius Sonority

Author: Jack

When The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave was released this past year, 3DS gamers all ‘round the world were treated to not only one of the greatest advertising campaigns in videogame history, but an excellent, simple-yet-effective pure dungeon crawler that oozed accessibility and charm. This time around, developer and publisher Genius Sonority– a group comprised of fragments of Enix (of the Dragon Quest series) and Creatures Inc. (of the Earthbound series)– decided to further fill the Denpa Men mythos by expanding the first, quaint excursion into a full-blown adventure.

LEGO Batman makes its Wii U debut just under a year after releasing on PS3 and Xbox 360. Is the added functionality worthwhile?

Author: Laura

Alright, so I know what you guys are thinking, “Why on earth would Warner Bros. Interactive and Traveller’s Tales release a year-old game on the Wii U when I can just buy it for less money on a different console?” Well I’m here to tell you that LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes on Wii U stands strong on its own with the integration of Wii U Gamepad controls. Not only is it a sequel, it’s a unique game on its own, allowing players to enjoy exploring the Batman Universe for a second time.

Dunno. I just needed something to be the picture.

The beginning of this episode (about the first 25 minutes) sound really weird because Austin doesn’t know what he’s doing and messed up the mic. It’s still listenable, but the phonetic focus is on Laura and Austin and Jack sound like they’re far away. If you really can’t stand it, skip to 25 minutes in! This episode features a discussion on what Retro Studios is working on, some Zelda timeline discussion, and a long talk about graphics and their impact on games. Enjoy!

This Week’s Podcast Crew: Laura, Jack, Austin

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This building is basically the ‘Area 51’ of gaming at this point.

This is a survey that requires no signing up, accounts, clicking through ads, or anything. Just answer a required question, answer a non-required question (if you want) and make your voice heard in yet another NintendoEverything reader survey poll thing! Results will be read in the form of our top ten list on the next podcast, and if you opted to answer the written question your answer could be read on the show! So don’t say anything ridiculous.

Thanks very much. As stated above the topic for you guys this week is “What is Retro Studios working on?”

Take the survey here! (more details inside if you’re confused)

We were gonna do Goldeneye 007 on Wii this week, but the glitches in that game required split-screen unless I can set it up with someone online… so I’m gonna wait to do that! The back-up? Mario Kart 64! Some fairly interesting ones going on this week. Enjoy!

Oh, also, to those of you here on NE that did a bunch of work getting the glitches last week to work in your copies of Mario Sunshine: That was so awesome! I didn’t reply to anything because I’m a dummy, but I read them and I thought it was super cool how many of you actually figured things out and did stuff I couldn’t do.

Artwork courtesy of Andrew Nixon. :]

I’ve created the discussion thread for The Starship Damrey, which you can find right here if you desire to contribute your thoughts on the game to the discussion. I’ve added my initial impressions, and I’d be curious if anyone agrees/disagrees with me!


A sizable step in the right direction.

Author: Austin

I think, at this point, it’s very difficult to judge a Resident Evil title without comparing it to past entries in the series. It’s almost like Sonic in that respect, constantly trying to reinvent itself with a blend of what people used to like about the franchise and a more modern, trendy aesthetic. With Resident Evil: Revelations on 3DS (2011), Capcom appeared to be making strides towards meshing their two play-styles (survival horror and action-horror) together, and after the critical and commercial success of the game they decided to re-release it in high-definition for Wii U, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

And honestly, I’m very happy about that.

“Seek the inconceivable truth of the Starship Damrey and discover why nothing is more frightening than complete innocence.”

Well, the games have been voted on and after an extremely tight race, The Starship Damrey was chosen as our second ever NintendoEverything Book Club (for Video Games!) game! Read below for details on how to get it/what to play.

3DS eShop Copy ($8)

“How far do I have to get this week?”
Deadline for email submissions this week: May 24th

It’s going to be very difficult to divide The Starship Damrey into parts because we all have zero idea exactly how the game is sectioned off (or if the game is sectioned off). What we decided was that we’ll all play roughly two hours of the game, and whoever among the podcast crew got the least far is where we’ll discuss up until.

For you guys? Play as you will. It’s not a very long game from what we’re hearing (2-3 hours), so if you beat it in the first week it’s not a huge deal. Otherwise I’ll try and post more specifics this Thursday or Friday so you have a more concrete idea of where to stop.

Also, please do not send us emails discussing portions of the game beyond where the book club is. We want to avoid spoilers and we don’t want to feel unable to answer your questions/respond to your comments, so if you’ve gotten ahead of everyone (which is fine!) do your best to only talk about the parts that we’ve all agreed upon. :]

Hit the break for info on how to participate in a discussion, plus other ‘Frequently Asked Questions’!

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