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Chari Hashi DX footage

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Fluidity: Spin Cycle will be one of the more expensive downloadable titles on the 3DS eShop. According to the game’s official site (which for some reason is now inaccessible update: back up now…)), it will cost $10.99. The original Fluidity on WiiWare can be downloaded for 1,200 points.

Spin Cycle hits the North American 3DS eShop this Thursday. It came out on in Europe on December 13.

Three games will be discounted on the Japanese 3DS eShop right after we ring in the new year. The “Denpa” Men 2 will be discounted from 1,000 yen to 700 yen, HarmoKnight will be dropped from 1,800 yen to 1,300 yen, and 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure will be temporarily slashed from 600 yen to 400 yen.

All three titles are seeing discounts as part of a holiday sale on the eShop. The offers will be available starting on January 1 at 10 AM and lasts through January 6 at 23:59 PM.


Super Mario Bros. 3 will be hitting the Japanese eShop as a Famicom download on January 1 for 500 yen. Screenshots of the game can be found above.


The Wii U and 3DS eShops are completely different entities. Although both stores contain content that relates to each other, they aren’t linked in any way.

Users can’t look up shared history between the two systems. It’s also impossible to, say, buy a 3DS game through the Wii U eShop. And that’s how it’ll be for the foreseeable future.

Nintendo of America’s Dan Adelman was recently asked about the possibility of linking the two eShops, but there are no plans for now.

“Well we’re calling them both eShop. It’s just that one is the 3DS eShop, and the other is the Wii U eShop. Wii U users can see info in the Wii U eShop about 3DS games, but right now we don’t have any immediate plans to sell 3DS games via the Wii U eShop – or vice versa.”

Thanks to Tim for the tip.

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The latest video additions to the 3DS eShop are as follows:

NSMB2 DLC Course Pack Vol. 4 Video
Cake Ninja: XMAS Video
escapeVektor Video
PIX3D Video
Riding Stables 3D Video
Mario Tennis Open Video
Pokemon Rumble Blast Video
Pilotwings Resort Video
Nintendo Show 3D: December 20, 2012
Wario Land 2 Video
Anonymous Notes Chapter 3 – From The Abyss Video

3DS eShop charts (12/24/12)

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This week’s 3DS eShop charts are as follows:


1. Pokemon Dream Radar
2. Crimson Shroud
3. Metroid II – Return of Samus
4. Super Mario Bros.
5. Pokedex 3D Pro
6. 3D Classics: Twinbee
7. Wario Land 2
8. Ninja Gaiden
9. Crashmo
10. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
11. Zelda II – The Adventure of Link
12. The Legend of Zelda
13. Paper Mario: Sticker Star
14. Liberation Maiden
15. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
16. Cut The Rope
17. Pushmo
18. 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure
19. Colors! 3D
20. Photo Dojo


1. Adventure Time Video
2. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Video
3. Nintendo Show 3D: December 6, 2012
4. Crimson Shroud Video
5. Nintendo Show 3D: December 20, 2012
6. Pokedex 3D Pro Video
7. Nintendo Direct: December 5, 2012
8. Pokemon Dream Radar Video
9. Pokemon Rumble Blast Video
10. Wario Land 2 Video
11. What is Nintendo Video?
12. Paper Mario: Sticker Star Video
13. Art of Balance TOUCH! Video
14. 2 Fast 4 Gnomz Video
15. Paper Mario: Sticker Star October 25, 2012
16. Ninja Gaiden Video
17. Crashmo Video
18. New Super Mario Bros. 2: Coin Rush
19. Mario Kart 7 Video
20. Nintendo Show 3D: November 22, 2012

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