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ESRB updates

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Learn Chess (DS) – E
Your Shape: Featuring Jenny McCarthy (Wii) – E
Bang Attack (Wii) – E
Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 (Wii) – E10+
Jam Space (DSi/Wii) – E
Cheer We Go (DS) – E
Arcade Hoops Basketball (DSi) – E
Globulous Party (DSi) – E
Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen! (Wii) – T
Tales of Monkey Island – Chapter 3 – Lair of the Leviathan (Wii) – E10+
Fighting Street (Wii) – E10+
Bomberman Blitz (DSi) – E

Although Wii sales have been slipping over the last few months, the console is still doing quite fine overall. People have been quick to say that its prosperity on the market is spiraling downward. However, Michael Pachter, analyst for Wedbush Securities, has simply said that Nintendo is a victim of its own success because of the Wii’s initial low price and that the company isn’t in trouble at all.

“You know, Nintendo’s a victim of their own success because had they known how big the Wii was going to be when they launched it, they would have launched it 100 bucks higher. And they would have managed price down to keep demand constant. So instead of selling 25 million Wiis a year, if they had sold 15, people would say ‘Oh my God, you’re geniuses. You’re outselling PS3 and 360.’ And this year they could sell 16 million with this cut. And everybody thinks they’re great. Instead they’re selling 20 million this year and we’re talking about what losers they are. That’s just crazy. They’re killing it…”

There are a number of high-quality releases expected to ship this holiday, from Modern Warfare 2 to Assassin’s Creed 2. While both of these titles are expected to sell well, there’s one game in particular that is also a guaranteed success: New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Not only is the game a classic return to Mario gaming, but it additionally can attract the attention of casual gamers due to its multiplayer gameplay. And according to Michael Pachter, analyst for Wedbush Securities he believes that you’ll be shocked as to how well the title does when it comes out.

“They have 60 million people who are gonna look at this game. What does that attach rate need to be for it to sell 10 million units not very big. It’s gonna shock you how many units that thing sells.”

GamesTM review scores

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These scores come from the latest GamesTM magazine (89).

Uncharted 2 – 9
Gran Turismo PSP – 7
Brutal Legend – 7
Motorstorm: Arctic Edge – 7
Magna Carta II – 4
FIFA 10 – 9
PES 2010 – 6
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – 8
Forza 3 – 8
Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story – 9
Ju-On: The Grudge – 3

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – 8
Borderlands – 8
Tropico 3 – 6
Dead Space: Extraction – 8
GTAIV: Ballad Of Gay Tony – 9
Muramasa: The Demon Blade – 8
Order Of War – 6
Heroes Over Europe – 4
Tekken 6 – 8
Tales Of Monkey Island: Lair of the Leviathan – 9
You Me & the Cubes – 7

Championship Manager 2010 – 4

Although The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most successful and beloved franchises, everyone wasn’t always on board with its main concept. At the Digital Contents Expo, Shigeru Miyamoto spoke about the series in his keynote and stated that initially, the first game received tremendous opposition because there was a belief that no one would know where to travel in the game’s open world. In other words, the amount of freedom in Zelda was questioned. There are so many options and paths available to the gamer, causing concern that players wouldn’t know what to do next.


-Bit.Trip Void (Arc System Works, 500pts)
-Castlevania Adventure: ReBirth (Konami, 1000pts)
-Shadow Walker: Kage no Shounen to Hikari no Yousei (Game Arts, 1000pts)
[Shadow Walker: Boy of Shadow and Fairy of Light]
-@Simple Series Vol. 5: The Judo (D3 Publisher, 700pts)

DSiWare 200:

-Earth Saver: Inseki bakuha Daisakusen (Tom Create)
[Earth Saver: Meteorite Blast Epic Battle]

DSiWare 500:

-Puzzle Iroiro Gekkan Crossword Puzzle House Vol. 6 (Nintendo)

DSiWare Premium:

-Kuniyaburete Sanga Ari (Square-Enix, 800pts)
[Mountains and Rivers in a Destroyed Country]


When Epic Mickey was first hinted as being a Wii-exclusive, most gamers believed that the decision was made because of the controls the system offers. However, according to Warren Spector, the audience behind the platform is the primary reason why the title landed on the Wii. Spector told Game Informer that Epic Mickey could be a tough sell to those who play games like Halo and Grand Theft Auto.

“Well, think about it. Would you really want to tackle convincing Halo or Grand Theft Auto players that they want to be Mickey Mouse? Would you really want to do that? In terms of finding a congenial audience, let’s go for a platform that’s known for Mario and Link and now Sonic. Come on. Honestly, with the unit sales on the hardware, it was kind of a lucky happenstance. We made the call to go to the Wii long before it was clear that the Wii was going to be, at least for now, the best-selling platform.

It was about going where the audience is and going somewhere where they’re going to accept a visual style that is more cartoony than people are used to seeing and where we don’t feel obliged to throw in every shader on the planet. ‘Look at the normal maps and shaders.’ We don’t have to do that kind of stuff. It’s the right platform for this project, for sure.”


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