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“It’s early days to talk about how much we will spend to support the game, but the buzz that HVS have already generated for The Conduit is absolutely outstanding. All metrics indicate extremely high awareness with Wii consumers. We will absolutely put a world-class marketing campaign behind the launch of the game – but we’re helped by the fact this game is so good that it sells itself!” – SEGA of America’s president, Simon Jeffery

Other tidbits coming from Simon Jeffrey:

– SEGA drawn to The Conduit by the reaction of the gaming community
– Not talking about publishing other sequels yet
– Might publish other High Voltage Software games

The Conduit is one of those games that I would hope would receive a considerable amount of marketing. The hardcore audience obviously knows about the game, but what about the average Joe?


“There’s only one undiscovered Mega Man 9 secret that I know about… I don’t predict anyone will discover this one for quite a while yet…” – Seth Killian, Capcom Community Sr. Manager

So, this must mean that when you have a saved file of Mega Man 9 on your Wii and a copy of Brawl, you can unlock Mega Man if you play over 100,000 hours in Smash Bros. Oh, who am I kidding?

C.O.R.E multiplayer trailer

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Top-Selling Videogame Guitar Hero®: On Tour Returns for an Encore Performance with More Tracks than Ever Before

Wednesday 29th October/… Players can now tune up their guitars and crank the volume to 11 as they take their inner rockstar on the road and shred with some of the biggest names in music from 70s classics to today’s greatest hits as Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) unleashes the full set list for Guitar Hero® On Tour: Decades™, the encore to the top-selling Guitar Hero: On Tour. Featuring more than 40 years of rock’s most celebrated artists with 28 master recordings, the game allows players to host epic jam sessions anytime, anywhere.

The complete set list for Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades, available in November, will include:

3.6 percent buying soon
29.4 percent waiting to see
26.2 percent undecided
40.7 percent won’t buy the product

What is the most attractive about the DSi?

• Screen size 30.8 percent
• The DSi hardware 29.5 percent
• DSi Camera 15.1 percent
• DSi Sound 11.6 percent
• SD card slot 3.4 percent

Our own poll shows that only 40% of you guys will be purchasing a DSi. Even though I don’t exactly want to spend the cash, I know I’m going to end up buying one. I just know it!


“While you’re listening to your audio tracks you can sit there — and we haven’t really talked about it a lot — but you can press the buttons and play drums along with the music you’re listening to. Or even the way you can speed it up and slow down independently of pitch. Those are two things that I think are very neat…I’m working on that game as a producer. I think people who are fans of the original will be very thrilled to see the kind of style we’ve designed the game in. It will feel very classic. But at the same time, with the 3D polygons and the polygonal rendering of the characters, I think is going to make for some very nice cut-scenes and a little bit deeper story.” – SHigeru Miyamoto


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