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Built from the ground up and developed exclusively for the Nintendo WiiTM, Dead Space Extraction is a prequel that reveals the events leading up to Isaac Clarke’s mission on the USG Ishimura in Visceral Games’ award-winning Dead Space. Dead Space Extraction marries the innovative motion controls of the Wii Remote with a frenetic first person perspective to create a new action-packed horror experience.

Dead Space Extraction tells the story of a handful of space colonists desperately struggling to escape from a horrific infection on the Aegis VII mining colony deep in the furthest regions of space. The game introduces a new heroine, Lexine to the fiction and as the crew fall victim to a mysterious contagion aboard the ship, it becomes clear that protecting her may be their only hope for survival. Dead Space Extraction introduces all new characters, weapons, enemies, puzzles and co-operative multiplayer gameplay.

XSEED’s E3 2009 lineup

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Torrance, Calif., (May 29, 2009)—XSEED Games today announced that Lunar: Silver Star Harmony and Half-Minute Hero, both for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) handheld entertainment system, are currently in development and will be among the company’s E3 2009 lineup. XSEED Games will showcase titles for the PSP as well as both Nintendo platforms, the Nintendo DS™ and Wii™, at E3 2009 which will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 2nd-4th.

“This is going to be an especially exciting showcase for XSEED Games as we just announced new titles that represent what our fans have been asking for,” said Jun Iwasaki, President of XSEED Games. “We are especially excited to be releasing them in the North American market and look forward to supporting our growing fan base”.

Nintendo DSi™ owners can download Mighty Flip Champs starting Monday, June 1st, exclusively from the Nintendo DSi™ Shop for 800 Nintendo DSi Points™.

Valencia, Calif. – 5/29/2009—WayForward, developer of LIT and Shantae, will bring yet another serving of its old-school-flavored punch when it releases Mighty Flip Champs Monday, June 1st 2009 on Nintendo DSiWare™. Playing as Alta, players will “flip” through a virtual stack of maze-laden chambers as they guide their heroine through labyrinthine stages that will challenge even the most seasoned Nintendo DSi™ gamer.

With an Expansive Line-Up of FINAL FANTASY Games, the Company Announces New Portfolio of Games across Action, Shooter and RTS Genres Developed from Around the World

LOS ANGELES, May 29 /PRNewswire/ — Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of Square Enix(R) interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today a broad lineup of titles for the 2009 E3 Expo, taking place between June 2 – 4. Highlighting the steps it has taken to become a more global entertainment company, Square Enix will not only feature games developed in partnership with U.S. and European developers such as FRONT MISSION EVOLVED(TM), ORDER OF WAR(TM) and SUPREME COMMANDER(R) 2 at their booth; but continues to offer the highest-quality experiences across all platforms, with highly anticipated new games such as DISSIDIA(TM) FINAL FANTASY(R) and FINAL FANTASY XIII, in addition to the next installment in the beloved KINGDOM HEARTS franchise, KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days.

“As our best-selling FINAL FANTASY franchise continues to evolve, Square Enix is focused on creating the best entertainment experiences for all gamers,” said John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix, Inc. and Square Enix Ltd. “Our new partnerships with companies such as Double Helix, Gas Powered Games and are a testament to our commitment to offer a much broader variety of games across different genres. All while Square Enix remains unchanged in the quality and depth of story we bring to all of the games we publish. We look forward to showcasing the results of these partnerships at E3 2009 as well as several much awaited FINAL FANTASY titles and KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days.”

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Watch out, Grand Theft Auto. A new game will be unveiled in the near future and IGN says the title is a “GTA competitor” for the DS. On the latest Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, IGN’s Matt Casamassina discussed the game and said that technology-wise, it rivals Chinatown Wars.

“So we’re calling it…It’s definitely a GTA competitor. Especially technology-wise, I think it actually is in many ways better than what Rockstar did with GTA on the DS…I don’t think there’s going to be anywhere near the depth that GTA has but I’m just talking about straight up, first glance at the technology, what’s going on. It’s pretty impressive…”

It’s a “neat open-world game,” you can go inside buildings, use cars, and explore the city streets – It has all of the features you would expect from a GTA title. IGN was supposed to announce the game last night, but that did not happen. So the game should be unveiled soon.

Eidos confirms E3 line-up

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Batman: Arkham Asylum, Mini Ninjas and Just Cause 2 at South Hall Booth, #2422

Friday 29th May/…Eidos Interactive Ltd, creator of some of the world’s leading videogame properties, today announced the three major titles that will be on show at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), June 2-4, 2009. The Eidos booth, located at South Hall Booth #2422 will feature Batman: Arkham Asylum, Mini Ninjas™ and Just Cause 2™.

“Eidos is proud to offer three very innovative and unique products at this year’s E3. These games are a reflection of Eidos’ commitment to deliver compelling characters in rich and expansive environments, allowing players to immerse themselves in engaging gameplay,” said Robert A. Lindsey, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Eidos Inc. “Heading back to the Los Angeles Convention Center is a big deal and Eidos is striving to make the return to the show floor unforgettable.”

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