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Boom Blox staying on Wii

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“I get this question so much, and honestly I’ll give you the blunt answer: we really want the game to be as good as possible on the Wii. We don’t have a second to think about other platforms. That ends up clouding your thinking and diluting the game experience. Boom Blox is a Wii game through and through. If we went on to another platform we’d have to significantly reconfigure and redesign the core mechanics, but currently we have no plans to do that.” – Senior Producer Amir Rahimi

This is quite different from what has been said by other EA employees in the past. I would be 100% satisfied to see Boom Blox remain as a Wii exclusive IP, though.


The Game Boy Advance lives

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The DS has been in the spotlight for the past few years, leaving the Game Boy line to take a backseat while Nintendo’s new portable soaks up the limelight. But no – The Game Boy Advance is not dead. A Nintendo representative told Kotaku that the GBA is still seeing shipments across the world. In fact, 420,000 units were sold in the last fiscal year.


Most Advanced Alternative to the Wii RemoteTM Opens New Opportunities for Exciting Peripherals

LOS ANGELES – May 19, 2009

Nyko Technologies®, the premier videogame accessories manufacturer, today announced that the highly anticipated Wand® controller for Wii® is now available at retail. Designed for superior functionality, comfort, and value the newest addition to Nyko’s Wii product line maintains all the control functions Wii gamers expect with full motion-sensing capability, pointer functionality, vibration feedback, and a built-in speaker

The Wand contains Nyko’s all-new Trans-Port™ technology, which enables control and vibration feedback to be electrically replicated on compatible attachments, providing for faster and more accurate input response. Current attachments made for the Wii Remote can only access buttons through use of mechanical triggers and provide no vibration feedback. One of the many applications of Trans-Port technology is the pistol grip which connects to the Wand and electrically replicates key action buttons, providing controls not currently accessible with attachments for the Wii Remote. In addition, enlarged 1 and 2 buttons and ergonomic finger grooves make the Wand an exceptional choice for classic gaming when turned sideways. Nyko’s signature rubberized battery cover is also included to ensure maximum comfort and grip.

Goku just finished up his adventures on the Nintendo DS not too long ago, but now he’s ready for more action on the Wii. Famitsu has revealed a new Dragon Ball title (not Z) for Nintendo’s system. The game will be focusing on young Goku’s adventures which includes his fight against the Red Ribbon Army and the martial arts tournament. The graphical style of Dragon Ball Wii is a bit different from what you may expect, as it is presented in a mix between 2D and 3D.

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Red Steel 2 is, without a doubt, much different than its predecessor. The graphics, overall style, and even some gameplay mechanics have seen an overhaul. Speaking with Nintendo Power, Creative Director of Red Steel 2 Jason Vandenberghe said that the development team is “in some ways, attempting to redefine the franchise.”

“…Defining Red Steel 2 at a high level was easy. Taking all of the steps that were required to get to where I could say what I just said about the Wild West was really hard. We are, in some ways, attempting to redefine the franchise while retaining its roots. If you’re working with a movie license or a long-standing franchise, there are all these rules and constraints. It’s different for us. We are blessed with the opportunity to expand on something and take it in a cool new direction. But it’s hard.


Nintendo has rested on its laurels in the past, with new iterations from their core franchises ranging from Mario to Pikmin. But apparently, the company a different title of sorts in development…With Shigeru Miyamoto at the helm. IGN’s Matt Casamassina has brought yet another teaser/rumor to the table – Perhaps relating to a project that Nintendo will unveil at E3.

“I think Nintendo’s master designer has some new concoction brewing at the chocolate factory. Not just franchise sequels, but something completely out there…Hopefully it doesn’t turn us purple.”

Consider this a rumor for now, but it looks as though something (presumably) interesting could be on the way and Miyamoto may be “up to something” as Casamassina has stated.

This was just sent my way and I thought I should share it with you guys!

“On June 5th the group of gamers that I represent, The Returners, are hosting a 48 hour Super Smash Bros. marathon to raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Information can be found at and if you have any questions please, do not hesitate to ask. We hope that you can help us in spreading the word of this event to as many people as possible to help us in reaching our donation goals. We will also be hosting events in July and August and hope for your support then as well.”

Website here

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