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Barcelona (Spain) -Apr. 21, 2009- Gammick Entertainment is pleased to present the expected version for WiiWare™ from the famous boardgame “Hey! That’s my Fish!”. Only penguins are invited in this party, so hurry up and choose your favourite ones…And don’t let anyone to snatch the fishes from you! A good strategy is the most important thing to feed your hungry penguins. The objective is to get the ice floes that have more fishes before someone get them before you. Only the smartest one will turn into the real fishing King!

Between 1 and 4 players can play “Penguins & Friends” at the same time – providing they can handle the polar cold. The board is made up of ice blocks that have a set number of fish (1, 2 or 3) under them. The ice blocks are hexagonal and form a structure like a beehive. The starting position of the ice blocks can change, creating different game boards.

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This list of confirmed games comes from SEGA’s official twitter

Alpha Protocol
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Planet 51
The Conduit
Vancouver 2010

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First Red Steel 2 trailer

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After Monster Hunter 3 was spotted on Capcom’s press website, it seemed as though North America could be close to receiving a localization confirmed for Monster Hunter 3. However, that is not necessarily the case. According to Capcom, the listing was formed in order to post assets from TGS.

“We posted some MH Tri assets from TGS back in October, remember? We were also showing the Japanese demo in our suite at the New Otani as a way for North American media to see everything on the show floor without having to wait in line.” – Capcom’s Chris Kramer

Just how impressive are the graphics in the upcoming Wii title Dead Space: Extraction? Well, they’re apparently so striking that Nintendo is complementing the development team. Visceral’s general manager, Glen Schofield, says that Nintendo told the company that Extraction is one of the top contenders for the best graphics on the system.

“Nintendo has told us that if it’s not the top, it’s one of one of the top five best-looking games on the Wii.”


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Demos (Expire 5/11)

Personal Trainer: Cooking Mac & Cheese Demo
MySims Party
Trackmania DS


The last time we heard rumblings regarding Factor 5, rumors surfaced that the team was working on two Wii titles. According to the image above (which comes from Achim Moller), at least one project could be shaping up for a release this year.



Cambridge, Mass. – May 4, 2009 – Harmonix and MTV Games announced today 18 new tracks coming this week to the Rock Band™ Music Store catalogue of downloadable content for the Wii™ system, including seven tracks from 80s power rockers REO Speedwagon and Styx. This week’s music update also includes songs from All That Remains, The Clash, Devo, Hautewerk, The Ramones, and System of a Down.

Three of Styx’s biggest singles were recently re-recorded for Rock Band, including “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)” and “Renegade” originally featured on the band’s eighth studio album Pieces of Eight (1978), plus “Too Much Time on My Hands” originally featured on the band’s 1981 concept album Paradise Theatre.

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