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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

The latest Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer trailer from Nintendo UK introduces us to the character Roald. Watch the new video below.

GiantBomb published a video containing over 30 minutes of footage from the English build of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Check it out below.

Nintendo is adding free DLC to Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the game’s European launch next week. On October 2, players will have access to new character Louie and a few new items.

Here’s the official announcement from Twitter:

I don’t believe any announcements have been made on the North American-side of things, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this DLC is made available soon here as well.

When playing Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, you’ll be asked if you want to share your play data with Nintendo – presumably when you start the game for the first time. Those who choose yes will be given a compact car in-town outside of Nook’s Home, which can be used as a decorative piece for making homes.

Players can still keep the car if they change the settings later on and decide to stop transmitting data to Nintendo. It’s not clear though if there’s another method to unlock the car.


Nintendo has lifted the embargo on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, which means that we’re starting to see reviews come online. A few of the verdicts thus far have been rounded up below.

IGN – 8 / 10
Destructoid – 7 / 10
Nintendo World Report – 5 / 10
GamesRadar – 4 / 5
Nintendo Life – 7 / 10
Videogamer – 7 / 10
Polygon – 6 / 10

Last month’s issue of Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream features an interview with producers Hisashi Nogami and Aya Kyogoku. Throughout the discussion, Nogami and Kyogoku touched on such topics as how the game to be and how it became a spin-off, the decision to focus on house creation, and more.

Our translation of the two developers’ comments is now in. Read up on what they shared with Nintendo Dream below.

ND: What was the original starting point of the project?

Nogami: Although many customers have accepted Animal Crossing, these games have an aspect that you can do anything and if you don’t decide to do something by yourself, the game won’t progress. Therefore I guess it is a title that divides people.

ND: You say that while New Leaf has sold more than 4 million copies [in Japan]!

Everyone: (laughs)

Kyogoku: I’m truly grateful that so many people have played the game, but I also think that there are people who think that the gameplay doesn’t suit them or they don’t understand what the game is about.

Nogami: So when it came time to create the next Animal Crossing, it turned out as a spin-off that focuses on an element of the Animal Crossing instead of being a traditional game.

Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube page has added another Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer commercial, this time focusing on the amiibo cards. We have it below.

Nintendo UK has uploaded a couple of new commercials for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Watch them below.

Nintendo’s latest Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer focuses on K.K. Slider. Check it out below.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer can now be pre-loaded in North America. You can download most of the game now from the eShop, and then the full title will be unlocked after applying a small update.

It’s also worth noting that by pre-loading Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, you’ll get a free 3DS theme. This will be available once the game releases.


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