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Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Ghosts has finally arrived, and so have the reviews. You can get an idea as to how the new shooter is sitting with critics in our reviews roundup below.

CVG – 7 / 10
Destructoid – 5 / 10
DigitalSpy – 4 / 5
EDGE – 7 / 10
Eurogamer – 7 / 10
GameSpot – 8 / 10
GamesRadar – 4 / 5
GiantBomb – 3 / 5
IGN – 8.8 / 10
Joystiq – 3.5 / 5
NowGamer – 7.5 / 10
Polygon – 6.5 / 10
USGamer – 3 / 5
VideoGamer – 7 / 10

Activision has published a new infographic for the Call of Duty to celebrate the release of Ghosts. You can find it below.


Source: Activision PR

A new post on the Call of Duty website outlines the different classes included in Ghosts’ Extinction mode. For a roundup of details, read on below.

Weapon Specialist

– 20% more bullet damage
– Focuses on defeating as many aliens as possible
– Extra bullet damage useful when taking on heavily armored threats or when fighting back a swarm of smaller enemies
– Raise the Weapon Specialist’s level to improve weapon handling


– 25% more health
– Brute of the group
– Tank’s can stand up to hits that would usually take others out
– Can be more aggressive thanks to the extra health
– Tank’s health and lethality rises with level gains


– Provide armor for the drill and earn more bonus cash
– Team can’t progress well without a drill that works
– Engineer mainly involved with protecting the drill
– Drill maintenance and trap efficiency improve as the Engineer gains levels


– Revive allies more quickly
– Medics can help turn the tide of an intense ball
– Medic has faster movement speed and powerful healing abilities as its levels increase


The first details and screenshots for the Wii U version of Call of Duty: Ghosts have come in, less than week before the game launches.

One of the Treyarch developers has been answering questions about Ghosts’ release on Nintendo’s console on the official Call of Duty forums as well as Twitter. Additionally, one Wii U owner has already managed to get his hands on a copy of the game, hence the appearance of the screenshots above.

Here’s the details roundup:

– Same dev team that worked on Black Ops II for Wii U
– Wii Remote use: same as Black Ops II with a handful of fixes/adjustments from last year’s release
– Headset support will be the same.
– “Our version was optimized for the highest quality Wii U experience.”
– Look acceleration from Black Ops II returning
– Will be at/close to 60 FPS
– Same resolution as Black Ops II
– Resolution should be 880 x 720
– “The Wii Remote was tested at great length during the entirety of the CoD: Ghosts development process. ”
– Won’t be on the eShop
– Will have off-TV play
– Lean glitch patch coming at launch like other consoles
– Extinction mode officially confirmed for Wii U
– No specific date as to when patch support will end

Activision has shared a variety of details about Call of Duty: Ghosts’ perk system. Read on below for a roundup of information.

– 35 total perks, each with a point value (1 to 5)
– Start out with 12 “points”
– Primary weapon, secondary weapon, lethal grenade, and tactical grenade each cost one point
– Perks have assorted point values
– Perks are unlocked by gaining a certain amount of levels, or by spending Squad Points
– All perks are separated into categories:

Speed: Outrun and outmaneuver enemy players. Speed Perks are all about getting the lead and staying ahead. Examples include Sleight of Hand (Faster reloading) and Stalker (Move faster while aiming).

Handling: Dexterity and control drives the Handling Perks, improving actions and accuracy. Examples include On the Go (Reload while sprinting) and Steady Aim (Increased hip fire accuracy).

Stealth: Stealth Perks aid you in staying out of sight, maintaining a low profile and engaging on your terms. Examples include Takedown (Kill enemies without revealing their death locations) and Incog (Resistant to targeting systems including Recon, Thermal Scope, Tracker Sight and Motion Sensor. No name or red crosshairs when targeted).

Awareness: Keep in tune with your surroundings. Awareness Perks help you survey the environment and detect enemy players. Examples include SitRep (Detect enemy explosives and tactical equipment) and Wiretap (Utilize all active enemy and friendly SAT COMs on the field).

Resistance: A hardened endurance reduces the effects of fatigue. Resistance Perks keep you going through tough engagements. Examples include Focus (Reduced weapon sway when aiming down sights and reduced flinch when hit) and Blast Shield (Increased resistance to explosive damage).

Equipment: Tacticians swear by their gear, and Equipment Perks ensure you have the best tools on hand. Examples include Extra Tactical (Additional Tactical equipment) and Extra Attachment (Extra attachment for your weapons).

Elite: Elite Perks offer special abilities that affect your loadouts in a variety of ways. Examples include Gambler (Spawn with a random Perk) and Ping (Activate a sonar ping upon killing an enemy, revealing nearby hostiles).

Via EuroGamer

Will the Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-order bonus map “Free Fall” be available on Wii U? Right now, no one seems to know.

After Vooks asked Activision to clarify the situation, a company representative said:

“It’s just not confirmed for the day one release, but there is definitely a chance that it will become available at a later stage”.

For what it’s worth, retailers in the US don’t list Free Fall as a pre-order bonus for the Wii U version of Ghosts. And given how poorly Activision has handled DLC on the console, I wouldn’t be surprised if the map never makes its way over.