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Dragon Quest XI

Earlier it was announced that features like casinos and horse racing would be appearing in Dragon Quest XI, now we have a few details on how this will all work as well as a good number of screenshots.

Horse Racing
Compete against famous knights to determine the best horse rider. If you win, you will receive a prize. There are also various obstacles like pumpkins and jump stands.

You can exchange the coins you have on hand to enjoy various games such as the slots and roulette. Players can acquire valuable items and exchange coins for prizes. The casino games include slots, roulette, and poker.

Solve various problems with the people in the world and you will receive rewards for your achievements.

Small Medals
You will find these medals throughout the world. You can exchange these medals with someone to receive rewards.


During a live stream hosted earlier today, Dragon Quest XI producer and series creator Yuji Horii commented on the game’s Switch version. Unfortunately though, they couldn’t really say anything.

Here’s what was mentioned:

“We can’t say about anything concrete regarding the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI. When the timing comes that we can say something… there are grown-up reasons. When the time that we can say something does come, I think we’ll have something to say, so if you can please wait.”

Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii also added that “there are various circumstances.” What those circumstances are were not made clear.


Dragon Quest XI will be launching on 3DS alongside a PlayStation 4 version in July. That wasn’t the original plan, however. In a pamphlet provided to fans at the Dragon Quest XI “Countdown Carnival” hands-on events, it’s revealed that the 3DS version was added later on in development.

Originally, development started as only a PlayStation 4 title. 3DS production began later due to its increase in userbase and Square Enix wanting more fans to experience the game.

Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii had some concerns about 3DS players feeling that they were playing an inferior version. So when an idea was brought up to include both 2D and 3D perspectives, he said: “That’s good!”.

Funnily enough, Square Enix is also planning Dragon Quest XI for Switch. We’ve yet to see anything from that version though.


Update: Added in some details rounded up by Gematsu below.

During the “Countdown Carnival” hands-on events for Dragon Quest XI, Square Enix hosted a special stage for the game and showed off some brand new footage. Check out the full recording below.

– A desert town called Samadhi was revealed
– Before the development of Dragon Quest XI, the staff went to Machu Picchu, so you may see its atmosphere reflected in the map
– White monsters on the Dragon Quest Life website are called “incarnations of time”
– You’ll frequently encounter them in various locations throughout the game world
– Horii couldn’t say too much about these monsters, as it would be a spoiler
– There are about 20 bases, including villages, towns, and castles
– A Japanese-stlye, Jipang-esque “fire town” was shown
– A major event will happen here
– Dragon Quest XI will have a “Restricted Play” system
– This lets you to play the game with certain restrictions
– A screenshot was shown where shopping was restricted
– Even when you talk to the owner of the shop while playing with shopping restrictions, you won’t be able to see what he is selling


Once again, some new Dragon Quest XI features have been revealed via Jump magazine (thanks to Siliconera for the translation). This time, it’s stuff you’ll be able to do to take your mind off all the monster-slaying and dungeon-diving. There’s a casino in the game where you can gamble and play all kinds of games – from slots and roulette to horse racing.

You will actually get to ride the horses yourself instead of just betting on them. Navigate through an obstacle-ridden course and you might be able to earn fantastic prizes. Naturally, there are also more traditional casino games like poker, roulette and slots. Special tokens won at these games can also be exchanged for prizes.


Here are a few screenshots of the process of smithing in Dragon Quest XI. These screenshots show off gathering a recipe, engaging, finishing and restrike gems. Check out all the images below.


In the Weekly Jump, Square Enix showed off the “Mysterious Smithing” system that would allow players to create and strengthen weapons, armor and other forms of equipment.

Here is the process for the smithing system:
– You must obtain a recipe for the Mysterious Smithing, they will be on book shelves and various other locations
– Then you must collect the necessary material for the project, these will be found in locations like fields
– Then start Mysterious Smithing and strike at the ore to fill up the on screen gauges. You will be aiming for the success zone on these gauges
– There are “special skills” that will assist you in your smithing endeavors
– Collect “Restrike Gems” to power-up already obtained equipment

Dragon Quest XI is coming to the 3DS in Japan on July 29th and is still planned to release on the Switch.


Square Enix is constantly releasing new Dragon Quest XI information, and that isn’t going to stop anytime soon. On May 27, a “Countdown Carnival Special Stage” live stream will air (Youtube link here). Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii will be there alongside Dragon Quest 11 producer Yosuke Saito to reveal more information about the game. Perhaps this will finally be the time we hear something concrete about the Switch version?


A new image has surfaced showing the back of Dragon Quest XI’s boxart. On it, we’re able to see that stereoscopic 3D is not supported. Perhaps that’s not entirely surprising, as other Dragon Quest 3DS titles such as Dragon Quest VIII don’t make use of the feature Nintendo and Square Enix are also teaming up for a New 2DS XL bundle. As we know, that system lacks 3D support.

Dragon Quest XI’s boxart has some other tidbits as well. Three save slots are included, one of which is used for suspend data. You can also exchange data through StreetPass and download special items, etc. via the internet.


The official Dragon Quest XI website updated today with a ton of screenshots for the new monster mount system in the game. Check out the new images below.

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