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Dragon Quest XI

Square Enix has high hopes for Dragon Quest XI. When Square Enix delivered its latest financial results earlier in the week, CFO Kazuharu Watanabe mentioned that the company is looking to achieve sales of five million copies.

Kazuharu’s comment did not refer to one specific version of the game. Dragon Quest XI will be on 3DS and PlayStation 4, and eventually Switch as well. Kazuharu also did not say if the sales target only applies to Japan, though it may be unlikely for the RPG to head overseas within the next fiscal year.

Dragon Quest IX was the last big seller in the franchise at 4.3 million. However, when counting sales in the west, that amount is closer to 5.3 million.

Even if Dragon Quest XI sells more than IX, it might be difficult for it to surpass the DS game in terms of pure profit. After all XI has different versions involved and its scope is much larger.

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The most recent issue of Weekly Jump magazine has introduced another new Dragon Quest XI feature – monster mounts. When defeating certain monsters in battle, you will occasionally be able to mount them. This will give you the ability to overcome various obstacles in the world and reach places you couldn’t get to on your own. Here are some examples of mounts and what you can do with them:

Dragon Rider: By riding this flying mount, you can obviously get to places you couldn’t reach on foot.

Skull Rider: You can climb up cliffs and dungeon walls using this mount.

Other than these familiar faces, there are also brand new monsters that you can ride:

Pearl Mobile: A mysterious machine that looks to be made out of a kind of metal resembling pearls. Riding it lets you leap to high places.

Bee Rider: An elite Ocobolt soldier riding a giant bee. By riding one yourself, it will allow you to cross lakes by simply flying over them.


Square Enix updated the Dragon Quest XI website with the latest details and screenshots for its upcoming RPG. Two of the game’s systems are covered: “Zone” and “Link”. We’ve rounded up the latest news below, courtesy of Gematsu.


– One of the new powers that appears in battle
– State of heightened concentration that temporarily increases your combat ability
– If attacked by an enemy, the protagonist and other party members can enter Zone allowing them to turn a sticky situation into a prime opportunity
– Entering Zone surrounds your body in a blue light and increases your ability
– The effect can carry over to the next battle until it disappears
– Even if you take heavy damage and find yourself in a pinch entering Zone could be your chance for a counterattack
– Zone is even more promising when several party members enter it
– Monsters can also enter zone


– If you enter Zone, you can acquire even further power
– By combining your power with those of your party members, you can unleash powerful Link techniques
– These can become the key to defeating formidable enemies
– Silvia can light up the protagonist’s sword with fire
– Link techniques differ depending on the combination of party members, learned spells and skills, and the number of people that are in Zone
– How you organize your party will directly affect which Link techniques you can unleash
– Monsters can also unleash Link techniques
– Camus and the Protagonist: “Falcon Dance”
– Full Party: “Giga Burst”
– Silvia and Protagonist and Row: “Rose Hurricane”
– Martina and Row: “Matou Enbu”

It feels like we’re getting a new feature reveal for Dragon Quest XI pretty much every week, and this week is no exception. This week’s Jump magazine has revealed the new “Zone” feature, which, among other things, allows the use of powerful co-op skills (thanks Siliconera for the translation).

We’ve actually seen the “Zone” feature briefly before in some screenshots. When the protagonist glows with a blue aura during battle, that’s the sign on him activating Zone. Not only do his stats temporarily increase, it also allows you to use powerful co-op skills – techniques in which the hero and one or more party members combine their powers to unleash a powerful attack. Jump magazine list three examples of co-op skills:

  • Falcon Dance: the hero and Camus dance around an enemy, repeatedly attacking it with swift sword strikes
  • Rose Hurricane: the hero, Sylvia and Row combine their magic powers and Sylvia’s love to unleash a powerful whirlwind
  • Giga Burst: all party members team up and gather their powers in the hero’s sword, who delivers a devastating strike

However, players aren’t the only ones who can use this power – some enemies are also able to use “Zone” and co-op skills.


The New 2DS XL was only just revealed today, and it already has its first special edition. The Bubble Metal Slime New 2DS XL will be available in Japan on July 29th for 22,480 Yen. It will be released in a bundle with a physical version of Dragon Quest XI. In addition to that, the bundle also contains a download code for a Bubble Metal Slime home menu theme.


Last week, Dragon Quest XI’s Skill Panel system was revealed via Shonen Jump. Today, the game’s official website was updated with a section on the Skill Panel system (thanks to Gematsu for the translation). It doesn’t really reveal anything new, though it does provide a look at some of the skills you can get, such as Camus’ “Slime Blow”, Veronica’s “Magical Awakening” and Silvia’s “Flute of Fascination”.

The website also revealed an interesting new system – the Spell of Restoration. This is essentially a sort of cross-platform save date transfer. By entering a code, you can continue your adventure at roughly the same point in the story on another platform. However, only the main character’s name and your progress in the story is transferred over – your party’s levels, gold and items will change to a pre-determined value based on your progress in the main story. This sort of save data transfer will initially work with the game’s 3DS and PS4 versions. However, it seems likely that the Switch version will be compatible with this feature as well, once it is released.

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Character growth and progression is always one of the key features of an RPG, and Dragon Quest XI has just revealed how you’ll be able to develop its characters. The latest issue of Shonen Jump (kindly translated by Gematsu) reveals that this system is called “Skill Panel” – each character has a Skill Panel that has unique skills and abilities and is shaped differently for each character. You can use Skill Points, which can be obtained via leveling up, to unlock panels, which in turn give you skills. The unique twist is that you can only activate panels which are adjacent to panels you’ve already activated, meaning that it’s crucial which “path” you take through the panel.

Here are some of the unique skills that the characters can learn:

Hero – “Giga Slash”: Mow down the enemy using a lightning blade

Camus – “Steal”: Steal items from monsters

Veronica – “Awakening”: Increases the power of spells

Senya – “Melody of Fire”: A flame of protection guards you

Silvia – “Flute of Fascination”: Charms monsters using flute sounds

Martina – “Vacuum Kick”: Hits the enemy with a powerful kick

Row – “Aesthetic Enlightenment”: Attains enlightenment and increases spell effects


Update 2 (4/17): Square Enix made the full recording available again. We have it below.

Update: Square Enix has quickly taken down the recording for whatever reason. For now, we’ve added in unofficial uploads of the footage below.

The Japanese Dragon Quest XI Release Date Presentation has wrapped up, and the full recording is now online. The main highlight here is the tons of footage shown of both versions. Unfortunately, there was no specific news about Switch.

The official Dragon Quest XI website has been updated with some new screenshots and pieces of artwork which show some important characters from Delcadar, which is the biggest country on the continent where Dragon Quest XI takes place. The folks at Gematsu have translated the following info:

The Rare Emperor – King of Delcadar

The ruler of Delcadar. He is called “rare” because he has all the qualities of a king – he is generous, but also strict and decisive when the order of the kingdom is disturbed. He is a master swordsman, and knows the hero very well.

The Great General – Greig

The brave general of Delcadar. The best swordsman in the kingdom, he has never been defeated despite having been in countless battles against monsters. He is extremely loyal and willing to sacrifice his life for the king. In a certain town, there is a statue dedicated to Greig’s military prowess.

The Cold-Blooded Strategist – Homer

The extremely skilled strategist of Delcadar. He has achieved great things on the battlefield, such as besting a large army with only a small battalion. His ability to quickly and accurately judge situations and execute the correct strategy has led to countless victories. He is also a powerful magic user.

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A new trailer for the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI was shown during the recent Japanese Nintendo Direct. Give it a watch: