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Dragon Quest XI

New Dragon Quest XI footage was shown at the latest “Countdown Carnival” event in Japan today. Take a look at the full recording below.

The newest issue of Weekly Jump provides another update on Dragon Quest XI. Another with details about the protagonist, party member Camus is detailed.

Here’s the full rundown:


– The protagonist can use spells and special skills unique to a hero
– Can equip both a one-handed sword and two-handed sword
– “Sword Dance” – A sword god skill in which the protagonist attacks the enemy many times over as if he’s dancing
– “All-Out Slash” – A two-handed sword skill in which the protagonist hits the enemy with a blow from his sword that has all of his power put into it
– “Zone Hit” – A hero skill that guarantees the protagonist will enter the powered up Zone state
– “Dragon Slash” – A two-handed sword skill in which the protagonist unleashes a strong blow to enemies of the dragon family
– “Kaclang” – Turns one ally into iron and makes them invulnerable to damage


– Can use daggers, two-handed swords, and boomerangs
– This allows him to adjust how he fights based on the situation
– “Clone” – A divine skill that triples Camus’ effect by creating two duplicates
– “Sword Guard” – A two-handed sword skill that allows Camus to easily guarding from an enemy’s attack with his weapon
– “Assassin Attack” – A dagger skill in which Camus thrusts at the enemy’s vitals for an instant death
– “Starburst Throw” – A boomerang skill in which blades of light rain down to attack every enemy
– “Jibariina” – Spreads out a magic circle that damages enemies when they perform actions

Skill Panel

– By progressing through the story, you will be able redo your Skill Panel at the church
– You will be able to distribute multiple points at once or do a reset


Dragon Quest XI is looking good for localization. A Dutch PR company has seemingly confirmed that they are handling PR for the release in the west. However, it’s unclear what platforms are involved. A release window is also unknown.

Dragon Quest XI is launching in Japan on July 29 on 3DS and PlayStation 4. A Switch version is also in the works, but Square Enix has yet to show it. Hopefully all versions will make it overseas.

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Square Enix updated the Dragon Quest XI website today with the latest screenshots. Characters Martina and Row are shown as well as the new town Grotta. Have a look at the latest images below.

Martina, Row, and Grotta were all covered heavily in the latest issue of Jump. If you missed our coverage last week, all of the details can be found here.

Another week, another round of Dragon Quest XI news from Weekly Jump magazine. This time, we’ve got some new infos on party members Martina and Row and what they’re capable of in combat, as well as the town of Grotta. Credit goes to Gematsu for the translation.

Grotta is a flourishing town in the northern part of Lotozetasia, and where masked fighters participate in a “Masked Fighters Tournament.” There is arena here, as well as a statue of General Greig, who won the tournament once.

Martina is a beautiful fighter with an ambiguous elegance drifting about her. She doesn’t seem to be just an ordinary person. She seems to have the intention to travel the world.

Skills she can use include:

  • “Sexy Beam” – A seductive skill in which Martina strikes a sexy pose and monsters fall in love with her beautiful face.
  • “Miracle Moon” – A melee skill.
  • “Witch Nail” – A claw claw skill.
  • “Hell Spark” – A spear skill in which hell thunder strikes down on the enemy.

Row has the appearance of a traveler, but is a man shrouded in mystery who can use advanced magic and martial arts.

Spells that he can use include:

  • “Kazam”
  • “Kacrackle”
  • “Kazing” – A spell that revives a fallen ally.

Skills that he can use include:

  • “Baptism of Zero” – An enlightenment skill that eliminates good effects on the enemy.
  • “Revival Staff” – A two-handed staff skill that revives an ally.
  • “Liger Slash” – A claw skill in which Row hits the enemy with strong, continuous attacks—both spells and direct attacks.


Square Enix has shared quite a few new screenshots and some info about the upcoming Dragon Quest XI.

3D mode and 2D mode

When displaying both modes the top screen will be 3D mode with more modern designs while the bottom will be 2D mode with the more classic 16-bit art. Dialogues are displayed on the top screens the upper-screen using the slide pad and the bottom screen with the d-pad. At some point in the game you will choose which mode you prefer and then be able to switch back and forth at the church.

In 3D mode monsters will attack on the overworld if they see the player and can surround the player, while in 2D mode battles will occur randomly while walking like the original games.

Memories of your journey
In this mode you are able to look back at your quest and replay important events that have happened during your adventure. You are able to replay these memories in 2D or 3D regardless of which mode you saw them in so that your able to see both versions no matter what.

Labyrinth Beyond Time

There is a village where a special tribe among the Incarnations of Time known as Yoochi. You will use your StreetPass feature here. You will discover a dungeon that only Yoochi can enter named the Labyrinth Beyond Time where you will use the Yoochi you have gathered through StreetPass to explore. You will fight boss battles against enemies known as gate keepers and you can earn items throughout the exploration.

If you are able to find Adventure Log Passwords you will be able to take them to The Altar in the and visit areas from previous Dragon Quest games. Jorocchi, the Yoochi elder, will go in more depth of the Adventure Logs in the game.

You can check out all the screenshots below.


A special Dragon Quest XI Direct was held earlier today. The presentation covered what the 3DS version of the game specifically offers. Although we were treated to quite a bit of recap, new features were revealed as well, including the ability to take on various quests in which you visit the worlds of past Dragon Quest games.

Here’s the full recap, courtesy of Gematsu:

Following today’s Nintendo Direct, Dragon Quest XI has been made available for pre-load on the Japanese 3DS eShop. The game requires 20,486 blocks of free space. In case you’re curious, that amounts to 2.5GB.


The full Dragon Quest XI Direct has now been posted on Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube page. If you missed the presentation, you can now watch it below.

Today’s Dragon Quest XI Direct is beginning in just a few minutes. It will mainly focus on 3DS, and will last about 14 minutes. Watch the presentation as it happens below.

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