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Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Siliconera recently caught up with a pair of developers behind Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. The site spoke with Nintendo co-producer Toru Osawa as well as Makoto Shibata. A few interesting topics came up during the discussion. The two creators commented on the idea behind using the GamePad as the Camera Obscura and cut ideas, where Ayane’s inclusion came from, and the decision to make the first two chapters free in the west.

You can find these excerpts from the interview below. Read the full discussion over on Siliconera.

This Friday, Europe will be getting Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, including a limited edition version at retail. You can take a look at an unboxing of the package below.

Thanks to Andre P for the tip.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water allows players to unlock Zero Suit Samus and Zelda costumes. We’ve already posted a trailer for the outfits, but additional footage can be found below.

Nintendo UK has another short Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water trailer up on its YouTube page as Halloween approaches. Check it out below.

System: Wii U
Release date: October 22, 2015
Developer: Koei Tecmo
Publisher Nintendo

Author: Dennis

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water sees the return of a series that has been dormant since Mask of the Lunar Eclipse’s release in 2008 for Wii. Sure, there have been a few spinoffs since then – most notably Spirit Camera on 3DS back in 2012 – but it’s been a while since we’ve seen any mainline entries, especially considering Maiden of Black Water would be the first Fatal Frame released outside of Japan since Fatal Frame III: The Tormented in 2005. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water takes a different approach mechanically and gameplay-wise than any of the other releases in the franchise, yet it still very much stays true to form delivering a great horror experience that we seldom see on Nintendo consoles.

When Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water originally arrived in Japan, the game featured some risque outfits that could be unlocked for the various characters. In North America, all signs point to these having being removed.

Things are slightly less clear when it comes to Europe (where it’s known as Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water). Some reviews suggest that the original costumes have been left in tact, while others indicate the opposite. We should know for sure sometime within the next few days as more players get their hands on the game.

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The first round of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water went live over the past hour or so. Saying that they’ve been mixed might be somewhat of an understatement. In any case, here’s a roundup of the early reviews:

Nintendo Everything – Thumbs Up
GameRevolution – 4.5 / 5
Nintendo World Report – 8.5 / 10
IGN – 7 / 10
Nintendo Life – 7 / 10
Videogamer – 7 / 10
Game Informer – 5.5 / 10
GameSpot – 5 / 10
GamesRadar – 2.5 / 5
Destructoid – 4 / 10

Another hour of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water footage has come in. Take a look at the two latest videos below.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water will feature two Nintendo costumes. In the game, players will be able to dress Miu and Yuri in outfits based on Princess Zelda and Zero Suit Samus. View the official video of the costumes from Nintendo below.

Nintendo has gone live with a new trailer for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. Check it out below.