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FIFA 18 does offer online play on Switch. Unfortunately though, the game has a huge omission. As the game is now, you have absolutely no way of playing with friends online. The only way you can run into a friend is through random chance.

EA patching FIFA 18 to support the feature may not be entirely off the table. But as the game stands now, that is a significant feature to be lacking.

Other elements missing from the Switch version of FIFA 18 compared to its console counterparts can be found here.


A whole bunch of gameplay has come in for the Switch version of FIFA 18, which launches today. Take a look at almost two hours of footage bleow.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.

FIFA 18 is the series’ first entry on Switch, and the first game in the franchise to hit a Nintendo system in quite a few years. On the whole, it contains many of the same features as other platforms, but some key elements are missing.

We do know that The Journey is missing from the Switch version of FIFA 18. The story mode won’t be present, seemingly due to how tied it is to Frostbite. Rather than using that engine on Switch, Nintendo’s console incorporates custom technology.

USgamer also put together a nice piece outlining other missing Switch features that you may not have been aware of. Here’s what the site shares:

The FIFA series makes its debut on Switch tomorrow with FIFA 18. Rather than taking what was on other platforms and transplanting it onto Switch, EA created the Switch version with a custom engine. If you’re curious about how FIFA 18 compares to other editions – namely Xbox One – watch the video below.

FIFA 18 will be released on Switch tomorrow, September 29th, which marks the series’ return to Nintendo consoles after several years of absence. However, it seems like not all Switch users will actually get to play it tomorrow. As GoNintendo reports, German retailer Media Markt has told those who ordered the Switch version of the game that it won’t be arriving this week. Furthermore, the Switch version is currently unable to pre-ordered at several stores, such as Amazon or Gamestop, or had its release date changed to “coming soon” on Thalia.

It’s currently unknown what the issue seems to be, or why it’s only affecting the Switch version of the game. We also don’t know yet if the digital version is affected as well. Its release date is still listed as September 29th on the eShop in Germany, though we won’t know for sure until tomorrow.


New footage has emerged showing the Switch version of FIFA 18 in action. EA is publishing the game at the end of the week. For an early look at the final build, watch the video below.

A Reddit user by the name of birchtree29 has found out that there’s an exclusive kit in FIFA 18 for Switch. The kit will include a a jersey with the Switch’s logo, now that is pretty neat. You can check out the picture above the post.


FIFA 18 Switch file size

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We’ve already posted file sizes for two Switch games today, so let’s throw another one into the mix. According to Nintendo’s UK website, FIFA 18 is 14301.53MB. In other words, it’s just over 14GB.

Comparing that amount to NBA 2K18, another recent sports game for Switch, the initial download was 6.8GB. However, an additional software update for 2K Sports’ game takes up 16.1GB. NBA 2K18 save files also eat up 5GB.

Currently we’re only aware of the single, initial download for FIFA 18, which is the aforementioned 14GB. If we hear anything else, we’ll let you know.


FIFA 18 has a new boxart

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With just a short while to go before FIFA 18’s launch, EA Sports has updated the official boxart. It’s reflected on the official site, and is beginning to appear at retailers as well.

Below was the original boxart for comparison:

Which do you prefer? The new seems slightly less boring at least!


Nintendo has uploaded a new commercial for the Switch, showcasing a number of games coming out in the fall. The commercial includes footage of Pokkén Tournament DX, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and FIFA 18. Watch below.

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