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The Game Developers Conference (GDC) will take place in San Francisco from March 14th to March 18th. Pokemon GO developer Niantic was set to hold a presentation about the game there where they would reveal new info and presumably show actual gameplay footage for the first time. Unfortunately, it seems that this will not be happening as the Pokemon GO presentation is now listed as “cancelled” on the GDC website.

Right now we don’t know why it was cancelled – it’s also possible that it’s just getting rescheduled and will take at another time during GDC. Cancelling such an anticipated presentation less than two weeks before it was supposed to take place is definitely unusual. We will keep you updated.

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The Game Developers Conference has conducted its annual State of the Industry Survey to find out about which platforms are gathering interest. Much like in 2015, Wii U and 3DS are towards the low-end of the spectrum.

Only five percent of participants said that they are working on Wii U projects, a decrease from six percent last year. Just two percent of developers who responded said they’re involved with 3DS games, which is down from three percent last year. With NX on the way, perhaps this news isn’t entirely unexpected.


In honor of Satoru Iwata’s legacy, Game Developers Conference has posted Iwata-san’s entire keynote from his 2005 appearance, entitled “Heart of a Gamer”. There are a lot of interesting tidbits about his upbringing into video games and his rise to president of Nintendo.

Iwata’s charm exudes throughout the video, and you’ll notice that even throughout this informative and inspiring keynote, he can’t help but be full of humor and jovial as well.

Rest in peace, Iwata-san. We miss you.

Update 2: Gamasutra has posted a chart which also gives a look at 3DS support… or lackthereof…


Update: Polygon’s report has now been updated, and the initial percentage was off – four percent rather than one percent.

Original: Organizers of the Game Developers Conference have polled over 2,600 North American game industry professions as part of their “state of the industry report.” In it, only four percent of developers surveyed say they currently plan to launch their next game on Wii U. That’s in contrast to the PlayStation 4’s 20 percent and Xbox One with 17 percent with regard to release plans.

Many developers are focusing their efforts on smartphones, tablets and computers. Over half of those polled intend to bring their next game to these platforms.

GDC’s poll also reveals that 64 percent of developers are working on their games independently. 19 percent are working alongside a publisher and 17 percent are working for a publisher. 52 percent of participants said their funding comes from existing company funds.


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