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GungHo Online Entertainment

GungHo Online Entertainment made a surprising announcement this week: Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition for 3DS. Following the reveal, Japanese outlet 4Gamer caught up with a couple of the game’s developers for a brief interview.

First, Daisuke Yamamoto and Kazuki Morishita shared the following when asked when GungHo started planning a collaboration with Super Mario Bros.:

Morishita: We contacted Nintendo with New Year’s 2014 greetings as we reported that Puzzle & Dragons Z had sold one million copies. We said, “we’d like to do more Puzzle & Dragons spin-offs” to president Iwata and Mr. Miyamoto. From there on, we tried to create the Mario version in-house at GungHo as we thought, “wouldn’t it be better to show Nintendo?” Then discussions with Nintendo progressed again.

Yamamoto: We showed a prototype to Nintendo several months after contacting them for the first time.

Morishita: From there, we rebuilt the game anew by combining the action of Puzzle & Dragons and the world and stages of Super Mario Bros.

Puzzle & Dragons Z launched in Japan back in December 2013. GungHo Online Entertainment previously said that the game would head west, but we’ve still yet to see it in either North America or Europe.

Despite the lack of news, Puzzle & Dragons Z remains on track for overseas territories. Check out this tweet coming from GungHo’s official Twitter account:


Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition is heading west, GungHo Online Entertainment has confirmed. A date hasn’t been set, but it is indeed coming.

GungHo Online Entertainment stated on Twitter today:

GungHo Online Entertainment just announced its new 3DS collaboration title with Nintendo earlier today. It wasn’t expected that Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition would be confirmed for overseas territories so quickly, but we’ll take it!


GungHo Online Entertainment has opened a website for the just-announced Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition. Access it here.

On the page, we have confirmation that Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition is coming to Japan on April 29. You can get a small look at the boxart above.

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition is coming to the 3DS, GungHo Online Entertainment announced today. The new game was revealed just a short while ago during the company’s “New Games Presentation”.

Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage and stated that he began noticing Puzzle & Dragons after seeing Nintendo developers playing it. He was also struck by the work ethic of the people at GungHo.

Eventually, discussions led to last year’s 3DS title Puzzle & Dragons Z, though Nintendo wanted to do more. Since they felt Mario making a guest character wouldn’t be enough for the audience of that franchise, Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition was created.

Below are the first gameplay details:

– Puzzle PRG
– Begins in the Mushroom Kingdom
– Bowser has harvested the power of a mysterious “Drop” that suddenly appeared
– Princess Peach kidnapped once again
– Up to Mario to save her
– Mario will do battle in the style of Puzzle & Dragons puzzle battles, befriending other Mario series characters on the way
– Supports StreetPass
– Local multiplayer functionality

Check out some screengrabs from the debut trailer below. We’ll post the full video once it’s available.

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Puzzle & Dragons Z shipments have now reached 1.5 million units in Japan. GungHo Online Entertainment shared the sales update today, which accounts for all retail and digital copies of the game.

Puzzle & Dragons Z launched in Japan last December. GungHo previously confirmed a North American release, though it has not been announced when the title will be available.


Could GungHo Online Entertainment be making a game for Wii U? An official E3 page that lets users search for product categories lists the Puzzle & Dragons Z creator under the Wii U/RPG category. This seems like an interesting find, though I’d take it with a grain of salt given the possibility of an inaccurate listing.