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I Am Setsuna

A little while back, Square Enix prepared a new update for I Am Setsuna on Switch that added the Temporal Battle Arena. Players can upload their battle data here for others to download and battle.

Chrono Trigger director Takashi Tokita, who also worked on classics such as Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VII, shared a short message this week and offered up his own user code for the Temporal Battle Arena. View the video below for his full message and the code (make sure you have captions enabled).

You may have seen a little bit of sales news tucked away in today’s Nintendo Download report. That’s right: I Am Setsuna has received its first eShop sale on Switch.

I Am Setsuna can be purchased for $26.79, where it was $39.99 originally. The game has also been discounted to €26.79 / £20.09 from €39.99 / £29.99 in Europe.

This sale lasts until August 10.

At Unite 2017 Tokyo, a special panel was held about how the Unity-based I Am Setsuna was brought to Switch. The talk was highlighted by the appearance of Usuke Kumagai from Tokyo RPG Factory. Yuichiro Kitao and Tomoyuki Kurino from Gem Drops were present as well. Gem Drops was involved with programming, graphics and planning support, and the localized version for the Switch version of I Am Setsuna.

To begin, the team heard that Nintendo’s new hardware – known as NX at the time – supported Unity. In order to accumulate know-how on methods of the hardware, the process began of porting I Am Setsuna to Switch.

I Am Setsuna received the Temporal Battle Arena today as free DLC. Check out some footage of the update below.

Switch is receiving some exclusive, free DLC tomorrow. Square Enix will be updating the RPG to add in the Temporal Battle Arena.

Additional information was shared today about the DLC, including how you can actually access it. Square Enix passed along the following overview:

The Temporal Battle Arena introduces a new way to play against friends in thrilling turn-based battles. It will enable players to upload and download parties for battle, allowing them to create their perfect character set-up for battle against random parties of various skill levels, or to battle against a friend’s party data by entering their player ID.

To access the Temporal Battle Arena, Nintendo Switch players will need to have downloaded the latest patch update and have completed the game. They can then revisit the Frozen Lands and gain access to the Arena after encountering “Togi”.

Source: Square Enix PR

Square Enix previously announced free DLC for I Am Setsuna, known as the Temporal Battle Arena. Today, the publisher issued a release date in an email sent out to fans. The Temporal Battle Arena will be out on Thursday as a content patch.

For the uninitiated, I Am Setsuna’s Temporal Battle Arena lets you participate in battles against other players parties. It can be accessed by progressing through the main story and talking to a character that appears on a specific map.

Here’s a trailer:


System: Switch (eShop)
Release date: March 3, 2017
Developer: Tokyo RPG Factory
Publisher Square Enix

Sometimes nostalgia gets the best of us. We look back on the vast history of video games and how far we’ve come, what’s changed and what hasn’t, for better or for worse. There are certain mechanics that evolve so much over time throughout all genres that we tend to forget how things once were when they became innovative for their time. The RPG genre has come a long way, stepping away from the linearity and turn-based tradition and heading more towards an open-world and free-form combat in a flashy hack-n-slash fashion. Sometimes, however, you want to go back to basics and back to a time that makes you fall in love with the genre all over again and elicits strong feelings of nostalgia and purity that may have faded over time as we’ve grown. I Am Setsuna brings us back to the 90’s at a time when Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, and a slew of other Square titles were pushing a new wave of gameplay with their Active Time Battle systems – ATB for short – where you could attack at any given point once a meter was filled rather than wait your turn in a chess-like fashion like traditional RPGs. I Am Setsuna not only brings us back to a time where RPGs were at their best thanks to their deep worlds, battle systems, and innocent art styles, but brings with it a reimagining to a forgotten style of gameplay that feels fantastic to have back in a modern take.

Some third-party Switch games are off to pretty decent starts in Japan. On the other end of the spectrum, Disgaea 5 Complete and I Am Setsuna have started off slowly.

It was a bit worrying when both titles missed Media Create’s initial software chart for the week of February 27. When the expanded chart came in, we saw that I Am Setsuna and Disgaea 5 Complete were positioned at the 22nd and 26th spots respectively.

Digital Foundry once again has a technical analysis of a Switch game. Square Enix’s RPG I Am Setsuna is the focus this time.

In its analysis, Digital Foundry points out how the visuals of I Am Setsuna are very comparable on Switch and PlayStation 4. The PS4 version has some extra lighting, but that’s pretty much it.

The main difference between the two versions is frame rate. It’s 60 frames per second on PS4, whereas the Switch edition is 30 frames per second – but it’s not a huge downgrade due to the nature of the game (being a turn-based RPG). Switch holds its frame rate well aside from a few rare instances.

View Digital Foundry’s full analysis below.

Square Enix has come out with a trailer for I Am Setsuna’s Temporal Battle Arena DLC. The content will add a new party on party colosseum battle mode. For today’s video, continue on below.

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