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Monster Hunter on Nintendo platforms is somewhat of an unknown factor at the moment. Capcom did release Monster Hunter XX on Switch last year, which was originally a 3DS title. But Monster Hunter World, the latest game which is actually brand new, can’t be found on Switch.

Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto addressed the situation surrounding Monster Hunter and Switch in an interview with Toyo Keizai. The discussion primarily focused on Monster Hunter World, but there was a bit of talk surrounding Nintendo’s console as well.

You may recall Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda mentioning a couple of months ago that Switch “is a very attractive and platform”. Matsuda reiterated this is the latest issue of EDGE.

Matsuda was asked by the magazine how Square Enix’s games have done on Switch thus far. Though it hasn’t been out long, their games “haven’t done badly”. Matsuda added that many people within Square Enix “are looking to make games for Switch.”

In the past, Blizzard has sounded open to the idea of having Hearthstone on Switch. Last April for example, senior game designer Mike Donais said that “it’s a good discussion worth having.”

Unfortunately, at least for now, Blizzard is ruling out a Switch version of Hearthstone. When asked about rumors about it crossing over to Nintendo’s platform, game designer Dean Ayala simply stated: “There are no plans to move Hearthstone to the Nintendo Switch.”

Ayala could be playing coy, but the more probable answer is that it’s just not happening.


Inti Creates has supported Switch since the console’s launch last year. That’s continuing with the company’s upcoming titles, including Gal*Gun 2.

In a recently-translated interview with Dengeki, Inti Creates spoke more about bringing the game to Switch. Senior designer Masanori Ito said that the PlayStation 4 is the main development platform, but he believes the two versions will be close in quality.

Ito stated:

Last week, Japanese magazine Famitsu published a fairly lengthy Project Octopath Traveler interview. Producer Masashi Takahashi from Square Enix and director Keisuke Miyauchi from Acquire were brought in to discuss the Switch exclusive.

One point mentioned is how the team started this project with Tomoya Asano, the chief producer who also worked as producer of the Bravely series. The primary concept is “going on a journey.” The player would choose one of the eight protagonists, role-plays as them, and freely has a journey with the world.

A few Nintendo-published games have seen DLC over the past year. Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Fire Emblem Warriors are among the titles that have received new content following release.

One game not included in that is Super Mario Odyssey. The game is getting a free update, but actual paid DLC has not yet been announced. Nintendo isn’t against the idea, however.

SNK is back on Nintendo platforms with SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. NIS America will be publishing the game on Switch this summer.

During an interview with Game Informer, producer Yasuyuki Oda spoke more about SNK Heroines. Notable topics include the game’s sexualization as well as having it on Switch.

You can find comments about these topics from Oda below. For the full interview, head on over here.

The Great Ace Attorney 2 launched in Japan last August, and will likely remain Japan-exclusive as was the case with its predecessor. But now the question is, what comes next for the series? Capcom did confirm that the franchise will be appearing on Switch in some fashion, but hasn’t divulged any specifics – though rumors are out there.

Regarding the future of Ace Attorney, producer Motohide Eshiro told Famitsu that he and series creator Shu Takumi and “thinking hard about what comes next and we’re getting things ready right now.”

Koei Tecmo has supported Switch with a bunch of games over the past year. Although some have remained in Japan, as a developer and a publisher, the company has produced over a dozen titles for the system. That support should be continuing going forward.

In an interview with GameSpot, Koei Tecmo president Hisashi Koinuma spoke about Switch’s success and the continued interest in the platform. He stated that the company is “readily available to make titles available on Switch, and either our own IPs or some other company’s IPs.”

Nintendo released a new video interview with Yoshiaki Koizumi, the producer of Super Mario Odyssey. Koizumi answered all of the fans’ important questions, such as why Mario has nipples in the game but no belly button and whether Toad’s head is a hat or a head. You can watch the full interview below (possible spoiler warning for those who haven’t completed the game).

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