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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Following several leaks, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is official. The game was unveiled at Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference today. Shigeru Miyamoto appeared on stage to introduce the game.

Here’s what we know:

– In the works for more than three years
– Tactical adventure
– Rabbids teleported into the Mushroom Kingdom
– Made the world unstable and chaotic
– Turn-based tactical adventure game
– Take on Rabbids that are now bad
– Exploration/battle
– Can desttroy cover to attack enemies hiding behind it
– Different offensive / defensive abilities for characters

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been one of Ubisoft’s worst-kept secrets over the past few months. Now the game has suffered from another leak, this time from a retailer. Walmart is listing the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Day 1 Edition.

We might be hearing about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle later today. Ubisoft could be unveiling the game during its press conference this afternoon. What’s included in the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Day 1 Edition should be made known as well.

The Mario & Rabbids crossover game, supposedly titled Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, might just be the video game industry’s worst kept secret. There have been a ton of leaks on the game lately, and we can now add another one to the list.

Japan Expo is one of the biggest video game, anime and Japanese culture conventions in the world. It takes place every July in Paris, and this year will be no exception. The convention’s official Twitter account posted a bunch of new info today, such as what kinds of panels and special events will take place, special guests that will be there etc. They also tweeted out the following: (translated from French) “Nintendo and Ubisoft exclusively present the video game Mario x Rabbids”.

The Tweet has now been deleted, but we saved a screenshot of it:

At this points, there seems to be little doubt that the game is real. Everyone act real surprised when it’s unveiled at E3, alright?


WWG was the first site to have posted the full key art for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Following up on that, a new article has been shared with additional details.

Today’s information covers the game’s origins (including a potential start on Wii U), more game details, and possible amiibo. We’ve rounded up the tidbits below. You can also read the full article here.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

If you needed any further evidence that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle exists, look no further than a classification from Brazil. The game was officially rated and added in a listing today. Ubisoft is also listed as its producer, further indicating that Nintendo will not be publishing.

Source, Via

Update: WWG has now posted the full piece of art:

Original: The first piece of art has leaked from Ubisoft and Nintendo’s upcoming collaboration game for Switch, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Twitter user FatalFlowey posted the image that shows one Rabbid wearing a Princess Peach outfit.

Earlier this month, Kotaku reported that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle would be launching in August or September. The site also mentioned having seen art featuring “Mario and crew wielding guns that shoot laser beams.” We can confirm that the image above is a small section of that asset.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is apparently being build with Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine. The game is said to be including turn-based combat, two-player local co-op, and a “goofy sense of humor,” according to Kotaku’s article.

Source 1, Source 2

One Switch game rumor that has persisted for months is a new crossover between Mario and Ubisoft’s Rabbids. Kotaku has a follow up on the project today.

Kotaku writes that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be on Switch this August or September. It’s being developed by Ubisoft with the company’s Snowdrop engine.

Based on Kotaku’s report, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle features turn-based combat, two-player local co-op, and a “goofy sense of humor.” Playable characters include Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, and, four Rabbids dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach.

Kotaku writes about having gotten a look at a particular piece of art that “features Mario and crew wielding guns that shoot laser beams.” We can confirm having seen this as well, and it looks pretty ridiculous – yet amazing.


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