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Monolith Soft

The Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X website was updated once again earlier this week. We now have information on buffs/debuffs as well as class changes. Continue on below for the latest information along with some art.

Buffs & Debuffs

– Various buffs and debuffs will come into effect during battle through things like arts usage, weather effects, zone effects, or battle probe effects
– Melee Accuracy Up: Raises the accuracy of Melee attacks
– Ranged Power Up: Increases the damage of Ranged Attacks
– Beam Resistance Up: Reduces damage taken from Beam attacks
– Damage Armor: Raises a barrier that reduces damage received by a fixed amount
– Bullet Charge: Doubles damage of next attack
– Fake Body: Evades a fixed number of enemy attacks
– All Resist Up: Reduces damage taken
– Critical Rate Up: Raises Critical rate
– Ether Attack Buff: Increases damage done by Ether attacks
– Resist Down: Reduces enemy debuff resistances, making them more susceptible to effects like “Break” or “Topple”
– Break: Throws off balance. Can be Toppled, or more easily caught by enemy Dolls
– Knockback: Pushes backwards
– Stun: Stuns
– Sleep: Falls asleep, unable to move. Awakens if hit by an attack.
– Black Sight: Lowers Accuracy and Evasion rates, and decreases damage from Ranged attacks.
– Blaze: Inflicts Heat damage at fixed intervals
– Ranged Accuracy Down: Reduces Accuracy rate of Ranged attacks
– Melee Power Down: Decreases damage inflicted by Melee attacks
– Weather Damage – Heat: Receive Heat damage at fixed intervals
– Weather Damage – Bolt: Receive Bolt damage at fixed intervals

Class Change

– Once you hit rank 10 in your initial class, Drifter, you’re able to advance into three different branches of classes
– Drifter has three successive classes: Assault, Command and Forcer
– Drifter: Origin of all classes, learns a variety of well balanced arts; equips: Knives, Assault Rifles
– Assault: Specializes in attack and defense oriented arts; Augments HP and Melee Power; Equips: Longswords, Assault Rifles
– Command: Inflicts greater damage to enemies with its arts effects; Augments Melee and Ranged Accuracy, and Evasion. Equips: Dual Swords, Dual Guns
– Forcer: Focused on supporting with numerous Ranged arts. Augments Ranged Power and Latent Ability. Equips: Knives, Rayguns


The next big stream for Xenoblade Chronicles X will take place on April 10, as announced during today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct. It will be focusing on the Dolls and network features. Check back on the site next week, and we should have a stream up! It’ll take place at 9 AM ET / 6 AM PT.


We now have additional information about the Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack, which is due out on May 20.

A total of 55 tracks are included in the soundtrack. It was previously thought that there would be five CDs, but it’s now been made clear that there will actually be four.

Continue on below for a full track listing.

There is no doubt that when it comes to RPGs, some of the best music is composed for them. Xenoblade Chronicles is no different. With the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D around the corner, Nintendo has posted live performances of a few of the soundtrack’s tunes, which was also streamed live during a special Xenoblade Chronicles 3D presentation just a few days ago. Listen to all five performances of the gorgeous compositions below.

The North American Xenoblade Chronicles 3D site is open. You can access it here. There’s plenty of information to check out, plus trailers and various images!

Earlier today, a special Xenoblade Chronicles 3D live stream was held with Monolith Soft’s Tetsuya Takahashi, Nintendo’s Genki Yokota, and actor John Kaminari. We now have the full recording.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy over two hours of Xenoblade! There’s music performances, tons of footage, and more!