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For awhile we had hoped that Redout would finally come to Switch this month. GameStop went as far as to list it for July 25 in one of its weekly ads. Unfortunately, July 25 is almost upon us, and that date is looking extremely unlikely.

GameStop’s own online listing has been updated to October 24. The same goes for Best Buy. Amazon has a release date of August 29.

In any case, the bottom line is that we still don’t have an official release date for Redout on Switch. Anything being listed by retailers is speculation at this time.

Thanks to Brent for the tip.

Nicalis’ Tyrone Rodriguez hosted a live stream recording last night and showcased footage from The End is Nigh on Switch. Check out the full recording below.


Nicalis unveiled the boxart for Tiny Barbarian DX today. It’s made by artist and character designer Susumu Matsushita, who created cover art for hundreds of Famitsu issues. He’s also the creator of the Japanese magazine’s mascot Necky the Fox, who appeared as a playable character in Super Mario Maker as a downloadable costume. Matsushita previously worked on the packaging for games such as Motor Toon Grand Prix, Maximo, and Adventure Island.

Nicalis also announced today that at retail, Tiny Barbarian DX will come with a full-color instruction manual that includes a featurette on the making of the boxart. It covers “Matsushita’s creative process, details his preferred art supplies, shows photos of him working at his drawing table and even identifies the 1960s rock instrumental that he listened to while he created the cover”.

Tiny Barbarian DX is due out in Q4 2017. Pricing will be set at $29.99.

Source: Nicalis PR

First announced for the system in 2013, 90’s Arcade Racer was supposed to eventually end up on Wii U with Nicalis as the game’s publisher. After several years though, nothing materialized, and it has been difficult to obtain an update about the situation.

That brings us to Switch. Wii U is off the table at this point, but Nicalis appears to be bringing 90’s Arcade Racer to Nintendo’s new console instead under the name ’90s Super GP. The project is listed on the company’s revamped website.

’90s Super GP is still without a release date. But since it has a new name and is coming to a new console, hopefully it’s not too far off.

An overview of ’90s Super GP is posted below.

A new trailer for The End is Nigh has been published showing off gameplay in-depth. You can view it below, and you can also read a blog post about the game here.

More footage from The End is Nigh

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Another round of footage has popped up from The End is Nigh, the newest game from the creator of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac coming to Switch. View a couple of additional footage below.

Nintendo has reason to believe that Cave Story+ will be available in Europe next week. The eShop is currently listing the game for a July 20 release.

It goes without saying, but this news should be taken with a grain of salt. eShop listings haven’t always been correct, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the European date for Cave Story+ ends up being inaccurate. Either that, or the digital version of Cave Story+ will be heading to Europe well before the physical release.

The End is Nigh footage

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The End is Nigh’s initial release took place today, with the Switch version coming a bit later on this year. Watch some footage below.

Nicalis isn’t finished with Cave Story+. The recently-announced classic graphics option will be available in August, the publisher announced on Twitter. It will be distributed as a free update.

Nicalis passed along the news with the following tweet:


Ittle Dew 2 Switch boxart

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Nicalis has shared the boxart for Ittle Dew 2 on Switch, which is officially confirmed for a physical release. Check it out above.


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