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We have a few screenshots showing the Wii U and 3DS versions of Rodea: The Sky Soldier. View them in the gallery below.

Stella Glow is due out in Europe on March 11, NIS America announced today. 3DS owners will be able to purchase the game either physically or digitally.

In North America, Stella Glow will be arriving in a couple of weeks – November 17 to be exact.

Head past the break for an overview of Stella Glow.

The Legend of Legacy is coming to Europe on February 5, NIS America announced today. The game will be sold as a physical release and as a digital title on the eShop.

Read on below for an official overview for The Legend of Legacy.

NIS America prepared a new Rodea: The Sky Soldier trailer that shows off the game’s bosses. View the video below.

NIS America has shared a new Rodea: The Sky Soldier trailer focusing on the Wii version. We have it below.

Remember: all pre-orders and first-print copies of Rodea: The Sky Soldier on Wii U come with the Wii version.

As previously mentioned, all first-print copies of Rodea: The Sky Soldier on Wii U will come with the game that was originally created for Wii. Additionally, NIS America announced today that all launch units will feature reversible cover art shown above. This pertains to both North America and Europe.

Source: NIS America

Update: NIS America just sent out an official announcement regarding the game’s delay. It’s coming on November 10 in North America and November 13 in Europe. In the announcement, NIS America cited “ongoing technical difficulties”, and with the extra time, they hope to “give players the best experience possible”.

NIS America has confirmed Rodea: The Sky Soldier’s second western delay – at least in Europe. It’s now slated for release sometime during the first two weeks of November. We don’t have the official word on this yet, but it’s likely that the delay pertains to North America as well given recent retailer listings.

Footage from Rodea: The Sky Soldier’s English build is posted below. The video is based on the Wii U version of the game.

It’s tough to believe that it was so long ago, but the 3DS was released during the early part of 2011. The system is now over four years old. Having said that, some are beginning to wonder when Nintendo will retire the 3DS for its successor.

In the case of NIS America president and CEO Takuro Yamashita, he believes that the 3DS still has another two to three years to go in the west. He told MCV:

“Talking about the handheld devices in the West, PlayStation Vita and 3DS will fade out in the next two to three years. There is still a chance for Vita or 3DS games in the West. I bet you that the small publishers can benefit without having strong competition if they continue to publish games for Vita and 3DS.”


Rodea: The Sky Soldier was originally slated for a September release. However, in June, NIS America said that the game would be shipping in October instead. Now it may have slipped to November.

Last Wednesday, I received an email from Best Buy stating that Rodea: The Sky Soldier’s launch date had been changed to November 10. I didn’t make too much of it at the time, since one retailer isn’t enough to make any sort of conclusion about a delay. But other prominent retailers like Amazon and GameStop have since modified their listings to this date as well.

Obviously we still don’t have a confirmation about what’s happening with Rodea: The Sky Soldier. These could be retailer mistakes, or the game may have been pushed back for a second time. We’ll try and see if we can get a response out of NIS America.

Thanks to zanmadyne for the tip.

Update 2 (8/2): Bumped to the top. NIS clarified on Twitter that the publisher meant early 2016 (thanks Shinun):

Update: Bumped to the top. NIS America made the news official now, confirming a release window of Winter 2016.

Atlus is publishing The Legend of Legacy in North America this fall. Thankfully, we now have confirmation that the 3DS RPG is heading to Europe as well.

A listing on the USK reveals that NIS America is handling The Legend of Legacy in Europe. That shouldn’t come as a major surprise given how NISA has teamed up with Atlus many times in the past!


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